Army Seeks 250 Officers to Transfer Branches

Army Seeks 250 Officers to Transfer Branches

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Photo by: U.S. Army/Capt. William Romine

In a bid to rebalance the force, the Army is seeking about 250 infantry and armor lieutenants to apply for voluntary branch transfer into the adjutant general, finance or signal corps.

The offer from Army Human Resources Command applies to infantry and armor lieutenants in year group 2021.

“This opportunity is mutually beneficial to the Army and the individual officer,” Col. Chris Luke, head of Human Resources Command’s Force Shaping Directorate, said in an Army news release. “Those who elect to rebranch will reduce a scheduling backlog at the Maneuver Captain’s Career Course while affording themselves additional opportunities to serve that match their individual talent profile.”

The Army needs 250 officers to rebranch out of the overstrength infantry and armor branches. It is seeking 130 officers for the Adjutant General Corps, 100 for the Signal Corps and 20 for finance.

Eligible officers can apply for branch transfer through Feb. 24, according to the Army news release. Officers can change their preferences as many times as they like during this time.

Soldiers who want to volunteer must log into their Assignment Interactive Module 2 platform, select the Officer Requirements Rebranching Panel Preferencing Tool and rank their preferences. Officers can volunteer by ranking their new branch preference above their current branch.

“Unless we offer these steps to rebalance the force, the Army will face a shortage of battalion and brigade [personnel], [logistics], signal and finance positions worldwide that not only impacts Army manning, but also our readiness and ability to take care of soldiers in the future,” said Col. Charlone Stallworth, director of Human Resources Command’s Talent Alignment and Development Directorate.

Once an officer’s transfer is approved, they “will be immediately transferred to their new branch on notification of approval,” according to the Army news release. No officers will be forced to change their branch.

Soldiers should view the branch transfer “as another opportunity to continue to serve the Army,” said Col. Miles Gengler, the Force Sustainment Division readiness chief at Human Resources Command.

“The Army is committed to matching officer desires and talents to its requirements and will do its best to accommodate both,” Gengler said. “Adjutant General, signal and finance officers are equally dedicated and passionate about their branch as the infantry and armor.”

For more information, refer to MILPER Message 24-014 here.