Army Headquarters Reorganization Being Considered

Army Headquarters Reorganization Being Considered

Photo by: U.S. Army | Shown: Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning

Army leaders are considering a headquarters reorganization in an effort to streamline decisionmaking, Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning said.

At an Aug. 23 town hall meeting in the Pentagon, Fanning said the reorganization was not an effort to save more nor to cut staff. "I think we have cut the headquarters enough, and I think in many places we have cut too far," Fanning said. "This is trying to get at the hardest part of reorganization, which is what do you do differently, and what do you stop doing."

His remarks come as Congress is considering legislation that would force the Army to cut general officers and senior civilian positions over the next two years. The Defense Department and Army strongly oppose those cuts.

Changes suggested by Fanning have to do with information flow rather than staffing levels. "We want to find ways to inject our thoughts and guidance earlier in the process, which hopefully saves you a lot of time, because you're not having to move something up through the system and get it thrown back down and back up and back down,” he said at a meeting attended by members of the Army headquarters staff.

He provided no timetable for making the changes.