Army Construction Delays to Help Fund Border Wall

Army Construction Delays to Help Fund Border Wall

Photo by: Army Corps of Engineers

Eleven construction projects at 10 domestic U.S. Army installations will be delayed as part of a Trump administration plan to pay for an improved barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Defense Department documents provided to Congress show 43 construction projects in the U.S. totaling $1.075 billion would be deferred but not necessarily canceled. That includes $361.7 million for Army projects.

Additionally, the administration would defer $1.8 billion in military construction projects outside the United States and $687 million in Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

The $3.6 billion total diverted from construction projects would pay for 11 separate border wall projects, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in a letter to Congress. No barracks, dormitory or family housing projects are included, Esper said. He also pledged that money from U.S. military projects outside the U.S. will be used before any money is taken from domestic projects.

The action may be challenged by Congress and in the courts.

Two of the biggest projects affected are at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, where a $95 million engineering center and a $65 million parking structure would be delayed. Contracts for the two projects were to be awarded in June 2020, according to Pentagon documents.

Another big project to be deferred is a $62.6 million middle school at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The Army total includes $32.9 million for the replacement of an elementary school at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, that Pentagon documents list as previously canceled. 

Here is the list:

  • Alabama-Anniston Army Depot weapons maintenance shop, $5.2 million
  • Alaska-Fort Greeley missile field expansion, $8 million
  • Arizona-Fort Huachuca ground transport equipment building, $30 million
  • Indiana-Crane Army Ammunition Plant railcar holding area, $16 million
  • Kentucky-Fort Campbell middle school, $62.6 million
  • Maryland-Fort Meade cantonment area roads, $16.5 million
  • New York-U.S. Military Academy engineering center, $95 million
  • New York-U.S. Military Academy parking structure, $65 million
  • North Carolina-Fort Bragg elementary school replacement, $32.9 million
  • Texas-Fort Bliss defense access roads, $20 million
  • Texas-Joint Base San Antonio Camp Bullis dining facility, $18.5 million