For the Hall family, the Army has been a great journey. It’s provided a chance to serve this great country and a great institution. It’s allowed me the opportunity to wear the uniform of an American soldier- the greatest group of men and women that God put on this earth.

SMA Robert E. Hall

Spouses become seasoned advocates of family readiness- without involvement there is no commitment. Quality of life for most of us is peace of mind and a feeling that we are growing as people and as soldiers.

SMA Gene C. McKinney

Quality of life can multiply combat effectiveness. Enhancing the quality of life for the soldier- our ultimate weapon- and his family, allows him to focus his attention on training and combat readiness. Effective quality of life changes can only happen when soldiers and families inform the chain of command about what things work best and when they work best. Taking care of the family is also a method of increasing and improving our readiness, morale, and our ability to fight and win. Readiness is the best way to truly take care of soldiers.

SMA Richard A. Kidd

The more we get the spouses and families involved, the healthier the Army becomes.

SMA Julius W. Gates

Sending a married soldier overseas with his family is as necessary to readiness as spare parts.

SMA William A. Connelly

It is extremely important to keep troops everywhere aware of how important their families are, and to remind them that folks up the ladder care about them and their families. I would take my wife with me to most places where enlisted men had their families. The military wife is an important part of the Army, and it is essential that military wives receive proper recognition for the role they play in their husbands’ careers. A happy soldier performs his duties much better than an unhappy one. Most men are happier when they have their families with them, and I wanted to recognize these ladies and express appreciation, on behalf of Department of the Army, for the fine job they were doing. What better way could that be done than for me to demonstrate how important my wife was to me?

SMA George W. Dunaway

It is sergeants who, ultimately, are held accountable for soldiers’ lives and their training and readiness for combat. Being a sergeant means understanding soldiers-- knowing where they're from, where they want to go and what their hopes and inspirations are. NCOs are required to develop our troops as citizens and help them realize their goals while raising them as soldiers.

SMA Jack L Tilley