2018 AUSA Volunteer Family of the Year

SSG Vincent Pastore Family is 2018 AUSA Volunteer Family of the Year

The family of Army National Guard Staff Sergeant Vincent Pastore embodies the spirit of volunteerism through wide‐ranging activities that promote the well‐being of Soldiers and their families.

Staff Sergeant Pastore, his wife Tonya and their three daughters—Angelina, 13; Isabella, 11; and Sabrina, 8—have each provided exceptional service to the Army, its Soldiers and Army families with impressive contributions in their Mount Laurel, New Jersey, community.

Vincent’s volunteer activities include working with Backpacks for Life, a program that helps Soldiers who are transitioning from military to civilian employment. He is also a volunteer and participant in the Sergeant Nutter Run, a five‐kilometer event hosted by the New Jersey Army National Guard’s Officer Candidate School that is named in memory of a National Guard and Navy Veteran who died in 2005.

Over a two‐year period, Tonya completed approximately six hundred volunteer hours as a Girl Scout leader in elementary school activities.

In the same two‐year span, Angelina completed five hundred and seventy‐six volunteer hours, Isabella completed six hundred and seventy‐two hours, and Sabrina completed two hundred and eighty‐eight hours.

“The Pastore family's service to America’s Army and for that matter all of those who serve nation has been continuous through-out his career. He and his wife Tonya are actively engaged with all who serve and have served our nation.  They have gone above and beyond in their dedication, love and outreach to our nation, our servicemen and women and their families” said Dennis Dougherty, Colonel, United States Army, Retired, First Region President.