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2019 AUSA Volunteer Family of the Year

Ellwein Family is the 2019 AUSA Family of the Year

The Ellwein family’s dedication to soldiers doesn’t end with the work day, as they selflessly spend countless hours giving back and participating in activities that promote the wellbeing of soldiers and their families. In this past year alone, the family of five has amassed almost 4,400 hours of volunteer work in a variety of Scouting, church and civic causes.

Sergeant Major Dianne Ellwein, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Fredrick Ellwein, U.S. Army Retired, and their children—Kaitlin, who is an Air Force first lieutenant, Tyler and Austin—embody the spirit of volunteerism and have each provided exceptional service to the Army, its soldiers and families with impressive contributions in the Wiesbaden military community.

Sergeant Major Ellwein serves as the president of the U.S. Army Europe Sergeant Morales Club, which supports programs such as Angel Trees and Toys for Tots and offers mentorship programs and scholarships for local students. She is also an active supporter of Garrison Chapel Services and the Wiesbaden High School community and is a dedicated leader for the Boys Scouts of America.

Chief Warrant Officer 4 Ellwein, U.S. Army Retired, is an exemplary leader in the Wiesbaden community and the U.S. Army. He fulfilled a critical role by volunteering as the jazz band teacher for the Wiesbaden High School community when the students were left without a teacher. Dedicated to his students, he overcame physical challenges and enabled the high school band to perform musical concerts for the community.

Over a two-year period, the Ellweins’ oldest son, Tyler, a certified trainer and teacher, completed 1,200 hours of volunteer work. During that same time, Air Force First Lieutenant Ellwein completed approximately 100 hours as a volunteer for the Okinawa Red Cross in Japan. Austin, the youngest, completed 732 hours of community service.

Through their consistent volunteer work and dedication to service, every member of the Ellwein family has shown their willingness to go above and beyond to help others. It is with sincere gratitude and appreciation that the Association of the United States Army presents our Volunteer Family of the Year Award to this remarkable Army family on this, the fourteenth day of October two thousand nineteen.