June 10, 2019

Clay Kaserne

Clay Kaserne

A great festival celebrating the "70th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift" will take place at Wiesbaden-Erbenheim airfield on Whit Monday, 10th June 2019. The festival will be celebrated as an "open day" at Clay Kaserne barracks.


The Berlin Airlift flew supplies to the city of Berlin in planes of the Western Allies after the Soviet occupation forces had blocked the road, rail and waterways of the "Trizone" to West Berlin in the Berlin Blockade from 24th June 1948 to 12th May 1949. The airlift was officially declared ended on 30thSeptember 1949. The great anniversary festival will take place to honour this event at the airfield in Erbenheim on Whit Monday, 10th Junie2019.

The event will take place at Clay Kaserne barracks at Wiesbaden-Erbenheim airfield. This is an open air event. It is not permitted to bring large bags or rucksacks to the airfield. Tickets must be presented at the entrance.