Global Force Symposium & Exposition 2018

Global Force Symposium & Exposition 2018

Von Braun Center

700 Monroe St SW
Huntsville, AL 35801
United States

Modernizing and Equipping America's Army for Today and Tomorrow
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The Association of the United States (AUSA) will produce an unclassified Global Force Symposium and Exposition for members of industry, academia, and the military community at the Von Braun Center, Huntsville, Alabama from 26-28 March 2018.

The three-day event will include featured presentations from Army leadership including keynote remarks from the Secretary of the Army, the Undersecretary of the Army, the Chief of Staff and the Vice Chief of Staff. Other senior Army leaders such as the commanders of Forces Command, Training and Doctrine Command and Army Materiel Command will also participate.

The Global Force Symposium and Exposition combines the interests and ideas of warfighters and Senior Army Leaders with the spirit of entrepreneurial and commercial leaders of the Defense Industrial Base. The symposium also incorporates thought leaders from academia and industry to provide a professional development forum that allows participants to learn, network, and move our Army forward.

The theme for this year’s event “Modernizing and Equipping America’s Army for Today and Tomorrow” provides a central focus to discuss challenges facing the Army as it evolves its Soldiers and equipment to meet the present and future missions. This evolution must enable our Soldiers and units to succeed across the entire spectrum of military operations and environments.

The Army will use the Global Force Symposium and Exposition as a platform to formally introduce the new United States Army Futures Command and the why and how of changes to Army modernization. The Army’s intent is to fundamentally change the acquisition process to significantly reduce the time between identified requirements to procurement to get new capabilities into the hands of the warfighter sooner. One initiative of that change is by unifying the command and control of the process into Futures Command.

AUSA’s Contemporary Military Forums (CMFs) will center on the six Army’s modernization priorities and include senior leaders, and representatives from the Cross Functional Teams (CFT). The CFTs consist of leaders from the requirements, acquisition, contracting, and sustainment communities, who report directly to the Army’s senior leadership. Besides the CMFs, there are other professional offerings that will provide further detail on the Army’s priorities and initiatives.

This symposium will explore and showcase innovative ways that Army personnel are refining the structure, processes, and governance of its modernization enterprise. The goal of this endeavor is an Army that provides cost-effective, innovative solutions to military problems, seamlessly reallocates resources as conditions change, with speed and efficiency that adversaries cannot match.

Support to our Soldiers will continue to be balanced, focused, and technologically superior to any other Army in the world. Senior Army, DOD and Industry leaders will provide dialog and information on the progress of our efforts to modernize and sustain the force and, more importantly, win on any battlefield.

The key objective of AUSA’s Global Force Symposium and Exposition will be to provide an open forum for attendees to interact and participate in discussions about the Army efforts to Build Readiness and the immediate needs of modernizing our Army in support of our Soldiers in harm’s way. Participants will be available for challenging questions from the audience.