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OUR VISION As the premier voice for America's Soldiers, we are a dedicated team committed to building the best professional and representative association for the world's best Army. The Houston Metroplex Chapter Educates, Informs, and Connects our community with our military population in order to make a stronger force.

ADVOCACY AUSA – Houston Area Chapter speaks out for the men and women of the United States Army who proudly serve our country. In doing so, we support the currently serving military members of the Houston area. Ask about our Career Development, Emergency Relief, and Weapons buyback programs.

WHO CAN JOIN? AUSA – Houston Area Chapter is open to all Civilians, Army ranks and all components -- including Active, National Guard, Army Reserve -- Government civilians, retirees, Wounded Warriors, Veterans, concerned citizens and family members. Indeed AUSA welcomes anyone who subscribes to the philosophy of a strong national defense with special concern for the Army. Community businesses and defense industry companies are also welcome to join AUSA. Join Now!

Chapter Activities

The Houston Metroplex Chapter of AUSA partners with many Veteran Service organizations in the Houston area in order to provide support for our local veterans. Please our VSO partnerships page to explore the local VSO’s that AUSA Houston partners with for local events.

As well as the many VSO events the chapter partners with, AUSA Houston Metroplex has very specific events that it holds.

Leadership and Career Development
Staff Rides

Twice a year, AUSA Houston Metroplex conducts a Staff Ride and Leadership program for ROTC cadets for local ROTC cadets at the San Jacinto Battlefield. Lead by BG R Henry Ostermann, they discuss the battle and leadership lessons including ethical and moral implications with the cadets. An interpreter from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides an overview of the battle. This fulfills the Cadet Command requirement for senior cadets to participate in a multi-institutional CAPSTONE event, such as a Staff Ride, that includes ethical and moral discussion of events pertinent to the battlefield.

Weapons Training

Most university ROTC programs do not have weapons on site however, the cadets are expected to qualify with their weapon once they get to assessment camp. When they commission as 2nd lieutenants, they are expected to have a basic knowledge of advanced weapons systems. The Houston Metroplex Chapter of AUSA coordinates with local units to conduct Weapons Training for SROTC cadets in order to provided career development and support SROTC programs. The cadets learn a wealth of knowledge on the 240 Bravo and 249 SAW weapon systems, and are trained in assembly, disassembly, immediate and remedial actions, and how and where to place these weapons in a squad and platoon tactical patrol. The units NCO leadership receive experience in shaping the future leaders of The U.S. Army.

Gift Memberships

The AUSA Houston Metroplex Chapter provides a gift of chapter membership to each newly commissioned 2nd Lieutenant of the SROTC programs in the Houston area. This membership ensures that the lieutenants are staying informed on the current military topics and starts their career off with the AUSA Benefits of Networking with some of the most experienced leaders of the Army, Professional Development, Affinity Discounts, and most importantly Having their voice heard on Capital Hill.

Current Military & Veteran Support
Emergency Relief Fund

The Executive Committee of The Houston Metroplex Chapter is made up of approximately 15 personnel with one half of those members being currently enlisted in a local unit. These members have noticed a trend in Relief Fund Support available to our local service members and have realized that the requirements for the funds usually do not apply to our Reserve and Guard population. Often times, the requirements to access funds from an emergency relief include a deployment or active duty time. In an effort to support our local military community, AUSA Houston has created an Emergency Relief Fund that will, after review and approval of the ERF committee, support soldiers in cases of emergency such as medical, housing, flood, etc… Donations and fund raising make up this fund, so all support is greatly appreciated.

Member Activities
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