Chapter Website Content

Chapter Website Content

Adding Content

In order to add content, you will need to log in to the AUSA website under the account with your membership credentials (which include your chapter officer credentials).

Once logged in to a proper account and at your chapter’s page, there will be a menu in the upper right-hand corner of the chapter page.  This is only viewable to officers of your chapter and AUSA website admins. 

If at any point you’d like to see what the chapter page looks like without these elements visible, you can open the chapter page in an incognito window or in a different browser where you are not logged in.

Content Types

Blog Posts

A Blog post is a general-purpose content item.  Many chapters use these for their chapter-specific information like officers, community partners, etc.  These are published to the ‘Chapter Posts’ section directly below the main body of the chapter website.


An event is for any events your chapter is hosting or participating in, and will be published not only to your chapter page, but also to the list of all upcoming chapter events.  Published events will show up in ‘Upcoming Events’ prior to the event taking place, and the day after the even the event will appear under ‘Recent Events.’

Photo Gallery

A Photo Gallery can display your chapter’s photos.  It’s best for smaller sets of photos.  These appear at the bottom right of the screen on a desktop.


A session represents a smaller portion of an event, an individual lecture of a full day event, or an event that is part of a multi-day event.  These are attached to specific events and will appear on the event page.


A news item is intended to feature news about the chapter.  News items are not currently accessible under the chapter interface, but you may contact John Moyer at [email protected] to have a news item posted to your chapter.  Please provide the title, text, and at least one non-copyrighted photo per news item.