New Fort Bliss commander shares vision for the post and its partnership with El Paso. Article by Crista V. Mack

New Fort Bliss commander shares vision for the post and its partnership with El Paso. Article by Crista V. Mack

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- A new commander has arrived at Fort Bliss. Colonel Brendan Gallagher, Fort Bliss Garrision Commander, is originally from Maryland.

"I knew I always wanted to serve in some capacity, in some way," Col Gallaher said.

While in college, he joined ROTC snd says he was hooked. He was commissioned as an infantry officer and went to Ranger School in 2001.   

More than 20 years later, Col Gallagher still enjoys serving his country. Through the years, he's learned a thing or two about leadership.

"One of the things I've picked up in my career is how important it is to empower individuals who are talented, who have so much to offer," said Col Gallagher.

This is the Colonel's first garrison command. He is in charge and responsible for all military members stationed at Fort Bliss. As such, he has sworn to ensure mission success and the safety, security of Fort Bliss. 

He and his family enjoy living in El Paso and are active in the community. His four children are involved in sports, school activities and one is even learning to speak Spanish. Although only 90 days into this assignment, Col Gallagher's family has already asked to stay permanently in El Paso.

He has a vision for both the post and El Paso.

According to Col Gallagher, more than half of military and civilian employees live in the El Paso community.

"One key aspect is looking for additional opportunities for collaboration with the city of El Paso. We already have a great, great foundation to build upon."

Col Gallagher says the post has invested in itself and has expanded the last 20 years. It offers many activities for El Pasoans and servicemembers to enjoy.

"We often say Fort Bliss is El Paso and El Paso is Fort Bliss because opportunities and benefits that are available across the greater El Paso area absolutely have huge benefits for our Fort Bliss community." 

The Colonel wants to change the way people have viewed the installation and showcase its modern day amenities. 

"It's better at Bliss is part of our overall campaign to help educate and inform our let them know how desirable and how attractive Fort Bliss is as an installation." 

Colonel Gallagher says he is excited about this assignment and its new challenges.

He also plans on taking a closer look at more ways to conserve water, utilize solar power energy and ensuring Fort Bliss historical buildings are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

"We are all united by the Army values, by our commitment to our service to our nation, to our constitution and to serve the American people." 

For those who want to explore what Fort Bliss has to offer, the installation says to obtain a community access pass at the Buffalo Soldier Visitor Center located at building 5400 off of Airway. It is open 24 hours a day. Additionally, people can also get a pass at the Chaffee Visitor Center located at building 2616, Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Article by Crista V. Mack

Crista V. Mack is a U.S. Air Force veteran who transitioned to news as a multi-media journalist.