Arkansas Chapter 'Hog Call' 3rd Quarter 2017 Newsletter

Monday, October 30, 2017

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Wow! What a quarter! AUSA-Arkansas has worked hard to fulfill the vision of being there for our Soldiers – past, present and future – and their families. We all owe a debt of gratitude for the particularly hard work of few members in covering the many, many ROTC and JROTC events this past spring, and especially to Mr. Jerry Dodd for accepting the position of Chapter Legal Counsel!

With regard to our span of coverage, many of you may not know, but our Chapter operating budget is a function of membership dues. Our individual membership continues to slowly grow as many of you “get just one more” new member. As they say in the sales business, “just ask”. You may be surprised. No one may have ever asked them to join AUSA before.

But the small budget we have from our dues really limits our reach and effectiveness if looked at in terms of direct expenditures from AUSA-AR. It could go farther if we had more active volunteers to help in our good work. I want to also assure every dues paying member that the board works hard to stretch every dollar spent to the maximum and critically scrutinizes each proposed expenditure.

With that in mind, I want to express my personal thanks to our Corporate Members who have been making contributions well beyond just their membership dues. Their generous donations in support of AUSA-AR operations and our mission execution have allowed us to expand FAR beyond what could have been possible with just our dues-based budget. Corporate Members – not being uniformed members of AUSA – joined out of a desire to support our Soldiers and their families. AUSA-AR is proud to be the conduit for that support and is committed to arduously finding additional ways to continue linking our Corporate Members with Soldiers, units, and activities of the Army Community in Arkansas.

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