This is a class you will attend in person. It will be held at the AUSA Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia (2425 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201). Training will be held Tuesday 9 August until Saturday 13 August 2022.

    Attendees are trained in the use of the Chapter Leader Portal website and membership databases. Attendees will also be briefed on AUSA programs, how to run a Chapter, finding volunteers, chapter bylaws, chapter Finances, marketing, fund-raising, National and Chapter communications, and on special categories of membership - Community Members, Retiree, Reserve Components and Army Civilians.

    We will plan on about 30 attendees. Attendees will be flown into the DC area (or can drive), and put in a hotel located right next to our building. We will typically start at 8:00 am EST and run until 5:00 pm EST.

    Only currently serving Chapter Presidents, President-elects, or Chapter Committee members whose POSITION is the next in line to become the Chapter President according to your Chapter BYLAWS may attend; all others will be rejected.

  • Participant Information

  • Position Information

  • Spouse Information

  • Lodging & Travel

  • Note: Personal vehicle travel reimbursement will be 58 cents per mile or the cost of lowest airfare with 21-day advance purchase, whichever is smaller.


    Meal reimbursement for the student is limited to $35 per meal; all itemized receipts MUST be submitted. A fillabled Travel Voucher form and guidelines will be provided during the training.

    Expenses for a spouse to accompany is the responsibility of the student. Long term parking at the originating Airport, or Taxi to/from the Airport is authorized. Taxi, or Metro to get from the DC area to/from the training will be reimbursed.

    Rental cars ARE NOT reimbursable, nor are parking fees if you rent a car at your own expense. Personal vehicles may be used with the caveat listed above, only hotel parking fees are reimburseable.


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