2020 Focus Areas

2020 Focus Areas

In 2020, the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) will advocate in support of our Focus Areas for the Total Army and our membership:

  • Total Army: Regular, National Guard, Reserve, Army civilians, families, veterans and retirees
  • AUSA membership: Individual members, National and Community Partners, and like-minded associations


We will advocate for:

  1. Putting People First.
    1. Competitive pay and benefits for Soldiers and Army civilians.
    2. Continued improvement of Soldier and family housing (safe, healthy, quality, affordable).
    3. Responsive, affordable, quality healthcare for the Total Army to include Guard and Reserve requirements such as mental health care. Adjusting the start date for Federal Employee Health Benefit-eligible members to get TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) to 2021 (currently 2030).
    4. Affordable, accessible, available childcare services for the Total Army
    5. Expansion of spouse employment licensure and state-to-state reciprocity.
    6. A positive duty station move experience for Soldiers and Army families
    7. Quality education and job opportunities for Soldiers and military families.
      • Growing opportunities for Soldier credentialing.
      • Improvements in the reciprocity process for completed education between states.
      • Junior ROTC programs.
    8. The Army’s “People Strategy” to create policies, programs and processes that recognize and capitalize upon the unique knowledge, skills and behaviors possessed by Soldiers and Army civilians. A military and civilian force that reflects America.
    9. Army civilian participation in professional development and career enhancement opportunities.
    10. Maintaining and improving commissary and exchange quality of service while gaining efficiencies to effectively compete for patronage.
    11. Morale, Welfare, Recreation (MWR) programs and their direct contribution to promoting healthy lifestyles, building resilience and sustaining work life balance.
    12. Soldiers-for-Life/retirees and veterans healthcare, retirement plans.
      • Useful information for Soldiers transitioning from the Army to include assistance with medical and dental care plans.
    13. Successful fielding and integration of the Army’s Integrated Personnel and Pay System (IPPS-A).
    14. Solutions for Arlington National Cemetery and veteran interment.
  2. Strengthening the Total Army.
    1. On-time appropriations and authorizations for the Armed Forces and veterans and in support of national security in this era of “Great Power Competition.”
    2. The Total Army’s budget priorities: Readiness, Modernization and Reform Initiatives; with people first as the bedrock of everything the Army does.
    3. Growth in overmatch and lethality through Total Army modernization, including the National Guard and Reserve Equipment Account (NGREA).
    4. Continued development of Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) concept to synchronize with joint operations.
    5. Medical readiness in support of combat readiness.
  3. Growing the Force.
    1. Support for recruiting and marketing incentives and investments. Consideration for a program for qualified Army veterans to support Army recruiting and retention.
    2. Increasing Full Time Support (FTS) requirements for the Army National Guard in support of the National Defense Strategy and growing Total Army readiness. Note: ARNG AGR budgeted at 9.1% of ARNG end strength for FY21.
    3. Support for employers through legislative enhancements/enablers to hire Guard and Reserve.
      • Strengthening support for Guard and Reserve Soldiers through DoD’s Employer Support for Guard and Reserve Program (ESGR).

AUSA is committed to advocating for a Total Army that is trained and ready whenever called upon to achieve national objectives and defend the American people.


Download AUSA's 2020 Focus Areas