Guides to Military Life 

10/31/2011 12:00 AM 


1001 Things to Love About Military Life
By: Tara Crooks, Starlett Henderson, Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer
Published by: Center Street
ISBN 1455502839

A first-of-its-kind celebration of military life, 1001 THINGS TO LOVE ABOUT MILITARY LIFE chronicles some obvious and not-so-obvious traditions, advantages and experiences military members, veterans and their families share.Full of heart-warming vignettes, laugh-out-loud lists, stories and quotes from military members and family members, and photos that speak a thousand positive affirmations, this inspirational look at those who dedicate their lives to serving perfectly illustrates why it is a profession and lifestyle to love.


Help! I'm a Military Spouse - I Get a Life Too!
By Kathie Hightower & Holly Scherer
Published by BookSurge Publishing
ISBN 1597970670

The second edition of Help! I’m a Military Spouse – I Get a Life Too has been published, with support from AUSA Family Programs. The book offers military spouses an informative, practical and inspiring guide to military life with topics on health and wellness, finding support and resources, pursuing a career, and how to make the most of being married to the military.

The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make
By Sean Covey
Published by Fireside/ Simon & Schuster
ISBN 0743265041

In The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make, Sean Covey gives teens the strong advice they need to make informed and wise decisions. Using real stories from teens around the world, Sean shows teens how to succeed in school, make good friends, get along with parents, wisely handle dating and sex issues, avoid or overcome addictions, build self-esteem, and much more. Jam-packed with original cartoons, inspiring quotes, and fun quizzes, this innovative book will help teens not only survive but thrive during their teen years and beyond.

Your Soldier, Your Army: A Parent's Guide
By Vicki Cody
Published by Association of the United States Army

Mrs. Cody turns her own 30-year experience as the wife and mother of Soldiers into advice and consolation for other parents with deploying children. Mrs. Cody covers the whole gamut of deployments, from the preparation to the homecoming, and includes a personal view into Army life and an explanation of Army terminology.

Finding My Way: A Teen’s Guide to Living with a Parent Who Has Experienced Trauma
By Michelle D. Sherman, Ph.D. and DeAnne M. Sherman
Published by Seeds of Hope Books
ISBN 1592981178

A unique, three-part book that honestly and gently addresses key issues in dealing with a parent who has experienced trauma. An important resource for anyone working with teens, this interactive book includes clear information and opportunities for self-expression.

The Day After He Left for Iraq: A Story of Love, Family & Reunion
By Melissa Seligman
Published by Skyhorse Publishing, 2008
ISBN 1602392943

Melissa Seligman, Army wife, plumbs the depths of depression and despair in this frank memoir of coping with her husband David's deployment to Iraq.

The 2-Second Commute
By Christine Durst and Michael Haaren
Published by Career Press
ISBN 1564147924

The first mainstream book for Virtual Assistants that shows step-by-step the how-to's for becoming an entreprenuer and establishing a home-based virtual business.

From a Pebble to a Rock
By Patty A. Correa
Published by Xulon Press
ISBN 1594677387

Military wives tell their true-life, heartwarming stories of love, weakness, and strength during times of separation.

Medals Above My Heart 
By Brenda Pace and Carol McGlothlin
Published by Broadman & Holman Publishers
ISBN 0805431845

A book about the rewards of being a military wife.

The Treasure of Staying Connected for Military Couples
By Janel Lange
Published by Serviam Publishing
ISBN 0975498606

Written to help military couples to go beyond merely surviving deployments to truly nurturing their relationship.

Heroes at Home
By Ellie Kay
Published by Bethany House 
ISBN 0764205595

A number of different inspirational stories written with the perfect combination of humor and experience. 

The Army Wife Handbook
By Ann Crossley and Carol A. Keller
2nd Edition, published by ABI Press, 1996
ISBN 0962622826

A guide to Army life including general information on interpersonal skills, as well as military etiquette and protocol, living overseas and community living.

Jobs and the Military Spouse
By Janet I. Farley
Published by Impact Publications, 1997
ISBN 1570232016

Although most military spouses now work outside the home, finding a job when you are constantly on the move is still a challenge. This guide to job hunting for military spouses provides resume and interview tips, creative career ideas for military spouses, and a directory of resources.

Pass It On: Living and Leaving the Military Lifestyle, II
By Kathleen P. O'Beirne
Published by Lifescape Enterprises, 1995

An Army Daughter and Navy Wife provide tips on mobilization, deployment and relocation, military spouses' lifestyle, military children, and retirement.

Today's Military Wife: Meeting the Challenges of Service Life
By Lydia Sloan Cline
5th Edition, published by Stackpole Books
ISBN 0811726371

For spouses of active duty and reserve personnel, this comprehensive guide covers topics important to all service families: health care and other benefits, socials and protocols, managing one's own career, financial affairs, housing, moving, orders overseas, separations, and leaving the service.

The Parent's Guide to Business Travel: Words of Advice and Wisdom While You're Away
By Charlie Hudson
Published by Capital Ideas
ISBN 1931868115

Charlie Hudson, a retired Army officer and Army wife, has written this guide to help parents of children dealing with separation. The book is weighted towards military families and is divided into two parts: Part I is the how-to section which deals with children from infancy to empty-nest. Part II is a resource guide. Hudson provides information on service family websites, along with some civilian ones.

When Duty Calls: A Guide to Equip Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve Personnel and their Loved Ones for Military Separations
By Carol Vandesteeg
Published by Winepress Publishing, 2001
ISBN 1579213766

A great resource for military families facing service-connected separations, both remote/unaccompanied tours and short-notice deployments.