Where We Stand On Key Issues 

1/23/2012 12:00 AM 


The following is a summary of where AUSA stands on key issues including Pay, Health Care, Housing, Families, Retiree, Sustain the Army, Readiness, Transformation & Modernization of the Force


  • Close the gap (military and federal civilian)
  • Maintain comparability in out years 

Health Care

  • Fully fund Wounded Warrior Initiatives
  • No erosion of benefits (pharmacy, quality of care)  
  • Increases in TRICARE fees/deductibles/pharmacy copays limited to COLA 
  • Increase Medicare reimbursement rates to ensure access to care 


  • Additional funding (build new and repair existing) 
  • Innovative programs (Maintain public/private partnership funding) 


  • Fully fund Army Family initiatives/programs 
  • Expand spousal and family member education and employment opportunities  


  • Retain current retirement system 
  • Full concurrent receipt for all disabled retirees 
  • Reduce Reserve Component retirement age from 60 to 55 

Sustain the Army

  • Maintain and fund operational active duty endstrength of 650,000 
  • Ensure Reserve Component endstrength of  ARNG 360,000, USAR 215,000 
  • Maintain assured access to the Reserve Component 
  • Fully resourced recruiting and retention 
  • Fill 100% of ARNG and USAR full-time manning positions 


  • Defense spending –Army share at least 28% 
  • Spare parts – no shortages 
  • Facilities/Utilities – fully funded and energy efficient 
  • Operations & Maintenance funds for all missions of AC &RC 
  • Full Spectrum Training dollars (Soldier, unit & Army civilian) 

Transformation & Modernization of the Force

  • Fully fund resetting of  the Current Force
  • Fully fund Network, Army Ground Combat Vehicle, Joint Light Tactical Vehicle & Aviation modernization  
  • Increase funding for research and development