Texas Capital Area Chapter co-sponsored the Texas National Guard Best Warrior Competition

Texas Capital Area Chapter co-sponsored the Texas National Guard Best Warrior Competition

Publication Date
Friday, May 6, 2022

Austin, Texas 06 May 2022

Texas Capital Area Chapter of AUSA co-sponsored the Texas National Guard Best Warrior Competition in Bastrop, TX and a luncheon at the Southside BBQ for the soldiers/airmen.  

The Best Warrior is an annual competition overseen by the Texas Military Department as a means of identifying and recognizing soldiers/airmen in the Texas National Guard as well as international military partner's representatives 
from Chile and the Czech Republic.  The Texas Military Department awarded two soldiers/airmen as Best Warrior Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) and Best Warrior Enlisted soldier/airman. The top two award winners will 
next compete at the Region Level to quality for follow-on National Level competition. BG Monie Ulis, Assistant Adjutant General - Army of the Texas National Guard was the senior officer presiding over with event with 
CSM Michelle Thompson the senior NCO from the Texas Army National Guard.

The Best Warrior Competition is a rigorous three-day competition that draws Soldiers and Airmen from around Texas and tests their tactical and technical expertise through scored events, such as a tactical road march, an obstacle 
course, a physical fitness test, an oral knowledge exam board, as well as “a mystery event”.

The award winners for these two categories this year were as follows:  
Best Warrior NCO - SSG Eric J. Rodriguez from Liberty Hill, Texas AND A1C Rodney A. Morales from San Antonio, Texas. 

COL (R) Garry D. Patterson, Chapter President of AUSA Texas Capital Area Chapter presented a five year Association of the US Army membership, chapter coin, and Medal of Honor graphic novel to each of the winner's in the two categories.  

COL (R) Patterson also presented chapter coins to the two runner-up's in each category; Enlisted soldier - SPC Nick Johnson and NCO SSG Ryder.  Each of these two individuals are students at Texas A&M University and members of the Corps of Cadets as well as members of the Texas Army National Guard.