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Firing Line: Conversation Week #4 December 2016

a. AUSA News – “Should buying and selling Purple Heart medals be legal?”

Rep. Paul Cook recently introduced legislation that would end the buying and selling of Purple Hearts.

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b. AUSA Five Things – “Does the public have a positive attitude about today’s military?”

AUSA Five Things:  A Weekly Tip Sheet for AUSA Members, dated December 19, 2016: “Attitudes Changing on Service.

Firing Line: Conversation Week #3 December 2016

a.  AUSA Moderator – “What do you think is the National Guard’s most important mission?”

“The National Guard is the oldest military force in the Department of Defense. The National Guard will celebrate its 380th birthday on December 13, 2016, continuing to answer the call since 1636 when the first militia regiments in North America were organized into three permanent regiments: East, South, and North Regiments.

Firing Line: Conversation Week #1 November 2016

a.  AUSA News  – “What worries you the most about Army capabilities for the future fight?”

Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning said recently, “Our decisive advantage that we thought we had was not as big, it turns out, as we hoped it was or thought it was.” Fanning said that the three things that “worry” him most are unmanned systems, cyberwarfare and having assured positing, navigation and timing capabilities.

Exploring Massage Therapy to help relieve Post Traumatic Stress

At the 2016 AUSA Annual Meeting, during the Military Family Forum: Townhall with Senior Leaders a question was asked about access to behavioral health treatment.    In his response, Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning stated that ‘behavioral health has been a priority’ of his, and that the ‘stigma of seeking behavioral help’ is an interesting phenomenon.  Fanning went on to say that the ‘brain is the most complex organ in our body and we see specialists for e

Firing Line: Conversation Week #4 October 2016

a.  AUSA Moderator  – “The National Guard bonus challenge.

“The U.S. defense chief has ordered the Defense Department to suspend the collection of bonuses improperly awarded to California National Guard members.  In a statement on Wednesday, Carter said he ordered the Pentagon's Defense Finance and Accounting Service ‘to suspend all efforts to collect reimbursement from affected California National Guard members, effective as soon as is practical.