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Firing Line: Conversation #3 March 2017

a.  NCO and Soldier Programs - “Could the Army control private social media posts by Soldiers?”

The Marine Corps is under scrutiny now because of the Marines United Facebook group.  Some say the Marine Corps leadership has known of this website for years but have done nothing.  The other services will now come under the same scrutiny.  What recommendations would you make to the Army and the Department of Defense for their review of these sites?

Firing Line: Conversation #1 March 2017

a.  NCO and Soldier Programs - “Why do veterans complete college courses at a higher rate than civilians?    

Statistical reports show veterans have a higher degree of completion of college level courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  For all of us who wear or have worn the uniform of our Nation, this is great news.  Researchers have not been able to pinpoint why veterans do better and have a higher completion rate from college versus non-veterans.  Why do you think veterans have a higher completion rate?

Firing Line: Conversation #4 February 2017

a.  AUSA Moderator - “GEN (Ret) Julius Becton recalls when President Truman desegregated the military.

“I enjoyed being a soldier;  I enjoyed being around soldiers.” With that simple declaration, retired Lt. Gen. Julius W. Becton Jr. summed up his primary motivation for decades of service that began in an era when minorities faced immense challenges in a military—and a civilian society--that was still rigidly segregated.  Becton, 90, the guest speaker at a Black History Program sponsored by the Association of the U.S.

Firing Line: Conversation Week #4 January 2017

a.  AUSA Moderator – “Will Congress end Sequestration during this Session?

 “The 1st Session of the 115th Congress is not even a month old and already the Department of Defense budget is a hot topic…Just days after Congress convened, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz, released a white paper that calls for an immediate $54 billion increase in defense spending for fiscal 2018 as part of an overall $430 billion increase over five years.

Firing Line: Conversation Week #1 January 2017

a. NCO and Soldier Programs – “How will the pay increase impact you, your family and your organization?”

For 2017, our troops will get a “full” pay raise equal to the expected increase in private sector wages, the first full increase since 2013.  Check out the article below to see how the need for increased pay for soldiers and their families will be argued against the tradeoffs for organizational readiness and modernization.  How will this pay increase impact you, your family and your organization?