Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Chapter Officers

NameTitleE-mail Address
1SG (R) Daila Espeut-JonesChapter President[email protected]
LT COL (R) Mike MotkoExecutive Vice President[email protected]
COL (R) Harry BuhlSecretary[email protected]
LTC (R) Steve KennedyTreasurer[email protected]
Mrs. Marnita HarrisSenior Vice President Programs[email protected]
COL (R) Joe O'ConnellChairman Board of Governors[email protected]
COL (R) Bert GesVice President Awards and Recognition[email protected]
COL (R) Clay EdwardsVice President Historian[email protected]
COL (R) Wells BarlowVice President Membership[email protected]
VacantVice President Membership 2[email protected]
LTC (R) Matt SpruillSenior Vice President Operations[email protected]
Mrs. Maureen Miller (Gold Star Mom)Vice President Operations[email protected]
Mr. Joshua JohnsonVice President Young Professionals[email protected]
LTC (R) Marvin LuckieChaplain 
Army Birthday BallArmy Birthday Ball Chair[email protected]
Chapter CARsChapter CARs[email protected]

Board of Governors

The Founding members of the AUSA Sunshine Chapter established a Board of Governors (BOG) to oversee the activities of the Chapter Executive Committee and provide strategic guidance to ensure the Executive Committee could provide vibrant set of programs supporting the Central Florida area Soldiers, DA Civilians, and their families. The relationship between the BOG and Chapter Leaders is continuing to work well more than thirty years later. The secret to the success is both groups are dedicated volunteers willing to roll up their sleeves to support the Chapter in its mission to support the Army family in Central Florida.


Colonel Joseph O’Connell, United States Army Reserve (Retired)
Past President, AUSA Sunshine Chapter
JL  O’Connell & Associates, LLC


Mr. Robert Acevedo
CEO, ProActive Technologies

Dr. James T. Blake, Senior Executive Service (Retired)
JT Blake, LLC

Mr. Tom Dyer
Dyer Enterprises

Dr. Michael Genetti, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army (Retired)
Past President, AUSA Sunshine Chapter
Rockwell Collins

Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, United States Army (Retired)
Florida Hospital

Ms. Terry Kohl

Lieutenant Colonel James B. Leahy, Jr., United States Army (Retired)
Past President, AUSA Sunshine Chapter and State of Florida; Director, AUSA National Advisory Board (Retiree and Veteran Affairs)
Leahy Consultants, Incorporated

Lieutenant General Randy Mixon, United States Army (Retired)

The Honorable J. Wallace Schoettelkotte
Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (Emeritus)

Lieutenant General Jack Stultz, United States Army (Retired)
Former Chief, Army Reserve

Brigadier General Stephen Seay, United States Army (Retired)
Former Program Executive Officer, Simulation, Training & Instrumentation
Seay Business Solutions, LLC

Council of Presidents

Mrs. Mary Trier
President, 3rd Region Florida South; Past President, AUSA Sunshine Chapter; Past President, 3rd Region, AUSA
Owner, Capital Communications & Consulting, LLC

COL Matt Fair, US Army (Retired)
Past President, AUSA Sunshine Chapter

Colonel James Taylor, United States Army (Retired)
Past President, AUSA Sunshine Chapter

Colonel Cory Youmans, United States Army Reserve (Retired)
Past President, AUSA Sunshine Chapter

COL Wells Barlow, US Army (Retired)
VP, Business Development
Advanced IT Concepts, Inc.

ChairmAn Emeriti, AUSA Sunshine Chapter Board of Governors

Dr. Dave Halloran
Chairman, Icon Associates