Army Birthday Celebratory Drive-By

Army Birthday Celebratory Drive-By

Publication Date
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

AUSA Sunshine Chapter cordially invites you to join the Army Birthday Celebratory Drive-By event on Sunday, 14 June 2020 in Chuluota, Florida.  The purpose of this event is to honor a disabled veteran with progressive ALS.  THIS RIDE WILL BE ESCORTED BY SEMINOLE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE.


  • Meeting/Start Point:  Lawton Chiles Middle School Parking Lot, 1240 Sanctuary Drive, Oviedo, FL 32766
  • Spot Time:  1400/2pm
  • Convoy Brief:  1420/2:20pm
  • Start Time/Kick Stand:  1430/2:30pm
  • Meet at start point NLT 1420/2:20pm for receive short brief
  • Move out from start point in a single file via individual POV at 1430/2:30pm driving towards veteran’s home in Chuluota; we will keep the same formation throughout the 6.7 mile journey
  • Drive slowly in front of the home and loop around at end of street; then everyone park in front of home; designated personnel will exit vehicles and conduct a short ceremony
  • Everyone will be released upon completion of ceremony
  • Practice social distancing during the entire event
  • Estimated End Time:  1530/3:30pm

Dress:  Military dress attire, formal, patriotic gear, mask, disposable gloves, etc. (these are merely suggestions and are not mandatory for participation); feel free to decorate your vehicles.

All interested participants please RSVP via email to Chapter President at [email protected] NLT 12 June 2020.