Tactical Defense Media

Sustaining Member of the Month - January 2016

Founded in 2009 by Sonia Bagherian
Leisure World Plaza P.O. Box 12115
Silver Spring, MD 20908
(301) 605-7564
[email protected]

Tactical Defense Media (TDM) is a small, woman-owned, military-focused trade magazine publishing company based in Silver Spring, Maryland. The company produces six magazines on a wide range of subjects, including military vehicles and warfighter equipment, homeland security and WMD response, military energy, combat medicine, and unmanned systems. While TDM covers all of the armed services, many articles focus on Army programs and issues. A short look at the company’s work over the past five years shows how closely it has worked with the Army and Joint Services to disseminate information about their most critical efforts.

Though each title is distinct, TDM publications maintain continuity. Every issue features an interview with a high ranking commander giving a sense of their needs and plans, along with a profile of a command or training center. Most feature articles are written by subject matter experts within the military or allied entities. TDM supplements these with original reporting that sounds out the DoD and industry leaders. The majority of TDM articles describe programs and technology, though policy is occasionally analyzed. (All subscriptions are free to current and former members of the military as well as contractors working with the Armed Forces.)

The January 2014 issue of Armor & Mobility featured an interview with PEO head BG Paul Ostrowski. 

Armor & Mobility (A&M) magazine, the company’s flagship title, began in 2009 as a publication focused on mobile warfare and soldier equipment. A&M articles typically detail major military programs and plans along with industry input to give the reader a wide sense of the technology available for a particular program. Each issue features a special section on a major DoD priority area: Small arms (Jan); communications (March); Special Operations Forces (May); Shelters (Sept); and electro-optics (Nov). As defense needs and plans change, A&M’s special sections will likely evolve as well.

Another Army-focused publication is Combat & Casualty Care (C&CC) magazine. This quarterly magazine often features top Army medical decision makers and profiles of Army medical programs. C&CC is designed to appeal to both active duty servicemembers as well as those transitioning to the civilian world. Other article topics include training techniques, medical simulation, and analysis of new products.

One of TDM’s most unique titles is DoD Power & Energy, which covers operational energy issues. As the DoD realizes the importance of energy efficiency and unit independence, TDM covers the initiatives and technology to make this happen. Whether related to shelters, generators, batteries, or green bases, DoD Power & Energy looks to provide readers with the full spectrum of military energy challenges and solutions. 

Unmanned Tech Solutions (UTS) magazine covers the rising UAV market from a tactical perspective. With so many new and exciting products and solutions appearing every month, military and public safety officers can look to UTS for a survey of remotely piloted air, land, and sea systems. 

The company’s latest publication, Security & Border Protection (S&BP), covers homeland security issues, and it is paired with CST & CBRNE Source Book, a three-year-old magazine focused on WMD threats and response. By expanding coverage of homeland security issues, TDM is trying to give readers a wide look at the technology and training within work in this area.