Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition

The Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC) is the association for Northwest defense and security industry businesses.  PNDC focuses on strengthening our members' business growth, our region's economy, and our nation's security through training, one-on-one counseling, business-to-business networking, and advocacy.    



PNDC at AUSA's 2017 Annual Meeting
PNDC is proud to host a shared booth at the 2018 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition.  Along with support from a Business Oregon grant, PNDC hosts this booth to highlight innovative companies from the Pacific Northwest. Companies that are participating in the 2018 booth include:
  • Abom, Inc. - a wearable technology company that invents, produces, markets, and sells innovative anti-fog technology protective eyewear products.
  • Advanced Navigation and Positioning Corporation (ANPC) - offers landing systems, navigation services, and air traffic management solutions using transponder multilateration with ground-based sensors to track an aircraft's precise location (elevation/azimuth/range).
  • flexFORCE Enterprises - innovator in weapon stabilization, fire control, and surveillance solutions, and has leveraged these skills to bring advanced capabilities to warfighters around the world.
  • General Plastics - develops and manufactures rigid and flexible polyurethane foam products, which include its signature LAST-A-FOAM® brand series and build-to-print composite parts.
  • Gladiator Technologies – designs and manufacturers low noise, high performance MEMS inertial sensors and systems including: gyros, accelerometers, IMU's, and GPS-aided inertial systems.
  • GrovTec - manufacturer of firearm slings, sling swivels, ammo holders, holsters, and other firearm accessories.
  • Radio Hill Technologies – offers design, production, and deployment of handheld counter-UAS solutions including their flagship product, the Dronebuster.
  • Sherpa Design - mechanical design and prototyping company specializing in product development including complex modeling, product design, rapid prototyping, CNC fabrication, and 3D printing.
  • SIGMADESIGN - product design and engineering firm offering professional services that support projects from concept through production. Consulting services include industrial design, mechanical electrical, software and firmware engineering, as well as prototyping, testing, and manufacturing.
  • Silicon Forest Electronics - electronics manufacturing services provider; supports a full range of needs from prototype support to full turnkey production and project management, including test and new product support services.
  • Systima Technologies - manufacturer of qualified energetic systems and components, and complex integrated systems; has facilities for engineering and analysis, development and qualification testing, environmental testing, and production.
  • Ulven Companies - provides a single source for custom solutions utilizing forging, casting, engineering, and machining capability.
  • Weatherhaven Resources, Inc - provides tent systems, camps, expandable containers, and deployable systems.

Supporting the U.S. Army


Congressman Adam Smith meeting with other thought leaders at PNDC event.

PNDC’s member companies are committed to supporting the warfighter and represent over $800 million dollars in direct prime U.S. Army contract awards in FY17 and FY18.  PNDC's 300 member companies range from large Fortune 100 companies to small machine shops.


The mission is to bring more defense and security contracts to the Pacific Northwest; support the supply chain for these companies, thereby helping create, grow, and diversify business development opportunities for a wide range of Pacific Northwest companies; and ensure reliable, high quality resources for our nation’s military.


PNDC supports the U.S. Army and those who have served by hosting events such as the Northwest Military Employers’ Summit and diligently assisting businesses that are owned and operated by veterans.


PNDC’ Commitments and Focus

PNDC is committed to national security for the country and economic security for its members.
Whether a firm is a traditional government contractor, a subcontractor, or is making its first foray into government partnerships, PNDC can help. By providing training and education on issues ranging from contracting basics to complex regulatory issues, PNDC ensures that members are running efficient and compliant operations, and positioned to support the warfighter. PNDC also offers in-person and distance-learning opportunities to provide access to critical information for every member.

PNDC focuses on a several key activities throughout the Pacific Northwest, including:

  • Networking Events
    The organization regularly hosts networking events that allow business leaders to discuss key issues, create collaborative partnerships, and connect with senior government and industry leaders.
  • Training and Education
    PNDC’s training seminars, webinars, and conferences help member companies successfully navigate government regulations; expand government contracting, subcontracting, and exporting work; and ensure readiness to fulfill the needs of the U.S. Army and other agency customers.
  • Procurement Counseling
    PNDC’s full-time Procurement Counselor assists companies with navigating the Federal Acquisition Regulations and applicable agency supplements, market research, proposal development, and many of the other facets of government contracting.
  • Advocacy
    PNDC convenes regular Congressional Roundtable discussions to bring our members face-to face with U.S. Representatives and Senators to ensure Congress and federal agencies are able to work cohesively to support the warfighter and our nation’s security.


Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition
President & CEO: Sarah Garrison
Corporate structure: Non-profit 501(c)(7)
Employees: 8
Founded in 2005
P.O. Box 92154
Portland, Oregon 97292