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Mack Trucks has a long and storied tradition of supporting military forces throughout the world, including providing more than 35,000 trucks to support the Allied war efforts during World Wars I and II.  Mack Defense (www.mackdefense.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mack Trucks, Inc. and a member of the Volvo Group Governmental Sales business area and is proud to continue the tradition of military support today.  Mack Defense offers a full range of premium products and global support through multiple U.S. buying contracts as well as through direct commercial sales and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programs.

In June of 2015, Mack Defense was awarded two contracts by the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada on behalf of the Department of National Defense to deliver more than 1,500 8x8 trucks for the Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS) Standard Military Pattern (SMP) program and to provide an initial five years of In-Service Support (ISS) for the SMP fleet operating in Canada and throughout the world.  Mack Defense will also provide 300 trailers and 150 Armor Protection Systems as part of the two contracts valued at $725 million CAD.  Delivery will start in 2017 and continue until 2020.  The vehicle systems will include multiple variants such as cargo, material handling cranes, load handling systems (LHS), and mobile repair trucks (MRT). 

Along with the Canadian award and Federal Government Sales, Mack Defense has numerous Foreign Military Sales contracts to support U.S. allies on a worldwide basis.  Mack Defense has provided heavy haul tractors and 35-ton trailers primarily for Iraq, Afghanistan, and customers in Africa and continues to provide water and fuel trucks to Iraq, Afghanistan, and customers in Africa.

            Most recently, Mack Defense announced a partnership with JWF Defense Systems, LLC, a wholly-owned division of JWF Industries, Inc. of Johnstown, Pennsylvania for the assembly of the Mack Defense Lakota 6x6 vehicle system. The versatile Lakota 6x6 combines exceptional capabilities with numerous configurations, offering end users a highly adaptable vehicle designed to meet the needs of a variety of missions.

            The Mack Defense Lakota 6x6 vehicle system, which features a U.S.-built engine and transmission, is capable of a maximum on-road speed of 62 mph with a range of up to 1,400 miles. Available in five configurations, the Lakota 6x6 can transport up to 12 personnel. The vehicle is serviceable across the Volvo Group support network, which features locations around the world. The Lakota 6x6 offers a unique design and fully armored hull, and given its lighter weight allows for better maneuverability while demonstrating superior off-road mobility and multi-mission capabilities.


            Mack Defense is extremely proud to support the armed forces and is positioned to continue its contribution well into the future.