Hensoldt INC

Located in Tysons Corner, Virginia, HENSOLDT INC. provides Federal and Civilian customers with premium electronic sensor solutions tailored to fit their needs.  A subsidiary of HENSOLDT Holdings, HENSOLDT INC. was established in 2017 to provide U.S. customers with enhanced customer service and support for the robust HENSOLDT product portfolio.

Presently, HENSOLDT INC. supplies 2D Air Search Radars, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF), Navigation, and Coastal Radar equipment.  The company is also a market leader in civilian and military sensor solutions, developing new products to counter evolving threats based on disruptive concepts in such fields as big data, robotics and cyber security. With access to a global network or industry leading researchers, engineers, and filed service technicians, HENSOLDT INC. brings advanced technologies, installation support, and solution engineering to the United States.


Hensoldt’s night driver periscope NDP 30 is a compact driver sight system utilizing an uncooled thermal imager and a low light level digital camera. NDP 30 is the modular driver sight solution for protected vehicles in all operational scenarios.

The name HENSOLDT stands for premium solutions, the combination of excellence, innovation and efficiency. The company was formed from Airbus’ defense electronics activities, which were spun off from the Airbus Group in 2017 and have now entered the market together with the former Airbus DS Optronics as a new sensor house under the brand name of HENSOLDT INC. The HENSOLDT brand draws its German lineage from Moritz Carl HENSOLDT (1821-1903), a German pioneer of optics and precision mechanics, who developed benchmark technology solutions and products in his field. With more than a hundred years of experience in high-performance technology, HENSOLDT INC. is in a great position to capitalize on its German heritage.

HENSOLDT INC. provides sensor-solutions in air, sea and land applications to armed forces and security authorities. Various sensor technologies are included in HENSOLDT INC.’s portfolio which, when combined, allow detection capabilities to be improved substantially. The company’s main areas of activity include the protection of borders and critical infrastructures, air defense, mission management and aircraft self-protection, vehicle protection, signal intelligence and data links, as well as night vision devices, laser rangefinders and optronic targeting equipment. With its wide product range, HENSOLDT covers all types of applications in air, sea, land and space missions and enables its customers to maintain superiority when it comes to monitoring the electromagnetic spectrum. HENSOLDT solutions are deployed on various platforms, including helicopters, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, ships and submarines, armored vehicles as well as satellites.

Innovation is a concept deeply embedded in HENSOLDT’s DNA. Leading-edge solutions such as the modular counter-UAV system XPeller, protects critical infrastructures against drones, or the passive radar system, TwInvis, that provides a common air picture without any active emission stand proof of HENSOLDT’s highly advanced technologies. HENSOLDT also happens to be a key player in the Drone Identification Systems market. In June 2019, HENSOLDT developed a special radome technology to offer enhanced protection to its collision avoidance radar system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Radome technology is aimed at protecting the radar from environmental factors such as bird strikes or lightning, without affecting the performance of the radar.


The Sighting Device with integrated Fire Control System (FCS) is developed for shoulder launched weapon systems, and is equipped with laser rangefinder, a ballistics computer and an internal micro display with electronic reticle.

In addition to being a technology leader, HENSOLDT is proving to be a pioneer in its approach to cyber security. The company develops security-hardened basic IT systems for this rapidly growing area, which are impervious to hacker attacks and inherent hardware weaknesses. Thanks to its long tradition and experience in the field of electronic warfare, HENSOLDT is also optimally positioned as a major player in the cyber warfare environment.

HENSOLDT’ S success is based on the work of its highly skilled employees that are fascinated by high-end technology and driven by the desire to meet evolving customer needs.  In line with the tradition of its predecessors, HENSOLDT’ S employees translate technological innovations into smart electronic solutions, which support defense and security organizations in their mission to make the world a safer place.  The company considers its employees to be its most valuable asset and gives top priority to developing them further.