Trust, Agility, Results

A great soldier does more than follow orders, they anticipate needs before they arise and are prepared to face any challenge. Envistacom, a privately held, Hispanic woman-owned defense contractor headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia gives its customers command of a world-class team of specialists to anticipate and combat any existing and emerging threats. The company has built a reputation within the DoD for consistently providing resilient solutions to counter current and future threats with advanced technology to assist the DoD and its allied partners in their missions at hand.

From the battlefield to the dark web, Envistacom provides the innovations and expertise needed to protect military personnel, civilians and critical infrastructure around the world. Customers rely on Envistacom for rapid-response, secure technology solutions, and subject-matter expertise to support mission-critical operations.  

A DWOSB with a Purpose

Envistacom was founded by Alyssa and Alan Carson in the basement of their home in 2011.  Their mission was to “do it right from the start,” laying the company foundation with trust and by putting employees first. Their employee-first operating system still guides the company today and is the key to their success. Envistacom has grown at a rapid pace, quickly expanding beyond their communications roots with a growing set of cyber, counterterrorism and intelligence experts and solutions.

As the company continues to expand its global network of experts and solutions, so too does their commitment to “giving back”.  Envistacom has a robust community outreach program that targets two key areas; at-risk youth and active military, veterans and their families. 

Diversity at its Core

Envistacom takes pride in a workforce that represents diversity in the truest sense – across race, ethnicity, culture, gender, religion and military service. They believe that a diverse workforce makes them stronger, smarter and more adept at understanding their customers’ wide range of complex problems extending around the globe.

Powerful Solutions for Powerful Customers

The portfolio of solutions offered by Envistacom is constantly evolving to suit the DoD’s requirements as they face new modernization and interoperability challenges, featuring an array of capabilities in five key areas: Counterterrorism, Cyber, Communications, Intelligence and Enterprise Architecture.


Envistacom’s counterterrorism solutions offer a strategic and operational analysis of existing and emerging global threats, equipping warfighters with mission-critical information to achieve success. Their counterterrorism capabilities include irregular warfare, identity resolution, and intelligence expertise across their team.


Cyber is a critical sector in today’s world, and the DoD faces challenges updating its infrastructure to protect against enemy attacks. Envistacom offers its customers a portfolio of solutions with a unique blend of strategy and technology, strengthening cyber resilience and protecting critical infrastructure from security breaches. The team provides the DoD with cybersecurity and cyberspace intelligence using a full spectrum of synchronized offensive and defensive cyber capabilities to protect national security and critical infrastructure.


On the communications front, Envistacom designs, deploys, and maintains network infrastructures and communication technologies to ensure the reliable and secure transmission of sensitive information and maximum interoperability. Moreover, they are a vendor-agnostic communications technology supplier, meaning they can provide strategic and tactical C5ISR, satellite communications (SATCOM) and systems integration with full lifecycle support fully in-house.


Threats against our national security are becoming increasingly hard to detect and even harder to prevent. Terrorism, proliferation, biological/chemical warfare, narcotics trafficking, cyber attacks, and counterintelligence are the new norm. Envistacom’s intelligence subject matter experts have decades of collective experience across all seventeen intelligence agencies of the IC to combat these threats.  Operating in the U.S. and abroad, they support the collection, analysis, and production of critical intelligence products and help disseminate that intelligence to strategic, operational and tactical decision makers to meet National Intelligence and DoD requirements.

Enterprise Architecture

In addition to Envistacom’s portfolio of defense-oriented solutions, the company can provide ITIL/ITSM-based planning, management, and control for reliable and secure voice, video and data transmissions. Its enterprise architecture solutions include infrastructure, data centers, networks, and unified communications services.

About Envistacom

Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Envistacom provides counterterrorism, cyber and communications solutions to the U.S. DoD and coalition partners in the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities. Customers rely on Envistacom for rapid-response, secure technology solutions and subject-matter expertise to support mission-critical operations.  With an elite team of former military leaders and domain experts located in 11 countries, and multiple IDIQ contract vehicles worth $55B+, Envistacom is a trusted partner in protecting military, civilians and critical infrastructure around the world. DWOSB.

For more information on solutions or contract vehicles, please visit  www.envistacom.com, and follow @Envistacom on FacebookTwitter,  LinkedIn and YouTube.