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CAMSS Shelters is a leading manufacturer of military shelters. CAMSS offers a wide variety of lightweight, compact and mobile shelter solutions designed to meet and exceed the requirements for strength, ruggedness, compactness, and ease of use as set forth by the US Military. In fact, CAMSS Shelters’ has been meeting these standards for the military for over three decades.  

The personnel at CAMSS Shelters are keenly aware that good shelters help create healthy and efficient soldiers – as a result of this understanding, they are dedicated to improving the quality of life for the men and women in the field. This dedication exhibits itself in the new CAMSS TAC shelter systems.  These shelters are state of the art and are the most durable and energy efficient rapid deployment shelters available meeting TOP Military standards for durability, wind, and snow.


CAMSS 18TAC Family of Shelters

The CAMSS TAC shelters assemble more quickly than any other shelter with an average assembly time of three minutes with a trained crew of four.  The high strength aluminum frame is durable in repeated set ups as verified in 50 erect/strike cycle testing.

The TAC shelters are a family of shelters in various sizes that easily connect together in multiple directions.  Shelters may be connected end to end, side to side or side to end.  Optional end caps allow shelters to be connected at angles.   There is maximum choice in shelter layout.


CAMSS 20TAC Family of Shelters

As part of CAMSS Shelters’ emphasis on improving shelter energy efficiency, the TAC shelter frame doubles in providing the structure for the shelter and the shelter fly without significantly increasing shelter weight and set up time.  Shelter flys have been shown to significantly reduce cooling usage by as much as 17%.

Though the TAC shelters demonstrate a culmination in rapid deployment shelter expertise, CAMSS Shelters provides many types of shelters for a wide range of applications in a wide range of sizes.  Uses for CAMSS Shelters include tactical operations centers, briefing centers, dining and kitchen facilities, commissaries, billeting, UAV hangers, lavatories, medical shelters, large vehicle maintenance shops, shade structures and solar collectors.  All the CAMSS shelters share the same important qualities of being compact to ship, quick to assemble, and durable in the field.

As an example of durability, the CAMSS40EX58 shelter systems were deployed for many years in Iraq and Afghanistan for U.S. Army heavy vehicle maintenance shops.  These shelters were selected for this application as they are easy to ship, fitting standard 463L aircraft pallets, set up without the use of heavy equipment and include large 30’ wide by 15’ high vertical lift doors.  After many years in the field, these shelters are still in good condition and many have been repositioned to new locations as far away as Africa.

CAMSS Shelters has met many urgent overseas delivery requirements as our shelters are designed for shipment by air or ocean. There are over six million square feet of CAMSS’ shelters in the field, largely deployed in the world’s most demanding environments such Eastern Europe, Southwest Asia, South America, Africa, and the high Arctic.  Please learn more about our shelters through some of our informative product videos which may be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrV30uozuF8_CEbSYA2fVew .

Everyone at CAMSS Shelters understands that we have very unique clients with very unique duties and requirements. The company is dedicated to maintaining a seamless connection with the needs of every client, and it stands ready to supply the needs in the 21st century with professionalism.  To learn more about CAMSS Shelters, please email [email protected] or visit camss.com.