Tomorrow’s Technology for Today’s Security

Astrophysics is a global leader in x-ray screening technology, creating integrated solutions that advance the critical security missions of our customers. Drawing on knowledge from multiple fields, our engineers are constantly working to expand the limits of x-ray detection, providing security professionals with the tools necessary to detect weapons, narcotics, explosives, and contraband.

Our screening systems are trusted by customs, law enforcement, and military personnel worldwide, including:

  • Federal, State, and Local Governments
  • US Military
  • US Correctional Facilities and Detention Centers
  • Sochi Winter Olympics
  • Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
  • Taipei, Taiwan Universiade Games
  • Foreign Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Foreign Embassies and Consulates
  • Philippines Bureau of Customs

Comprehensive Tools for Threat Detection

Astrophysics offers a number of disruptive technologies that have shaped and redefined non-invasive security screening, including:

  • The Multi-View CTTM: The World’s First 3D CT Cargo System. A one-of-a-kind-system that combines multi-view x-ray transmission and CT reconstruction to perform quick and effective cargo inspections. Reconstructed images can be rotated in 360°, allowing operators to identify threats in any location on a cargo pallet.
  • High-Energy Commercial Vehicle Scanners. Astrophysics’ HXP-FreightScanTM and HXP-TotalScanTM are fully-automated, drive-through cargo scanners designed to protect border crossings and ports of entry. Low-maintenance and cost-effective, they are capable of penetrating 350 mm of steel and processing up to 150 trucks an hour.
  • Fully-Integrated Artificial Intelligence. Astrophysics is the first to offer fully-integrated AI for gun and knife detection. In partnership with Synapse Technology, the Syntech SOLUTIONTM software available on our systems automatically stops the belt and isolates threats with a colored box on-screen, for an unmatched level of safety.
  • Multi-Color Material Discrimination. Astrophysics’ 8 Color Imaging is a breakthrough software program that categorizes objects according to their effective Z-number, making it possible for operators to quickly identify knives, firearms, explosives, and contraband.

Astrophysics’ systems are designed for reliability and ease-of-use. With a long life cycle, ruggedized construction, and low maintenance requirements, they are capable of operating in even the harshest environments.

Customized & Package Solutions

Astrophysics systems are designed and assembled in the United States to meet local security threats across the globe. Our Project Management Teams work with customers to create integrated solutions that make it easy to share data and shift resources to optimize threat detection.

Global Reach

There are over 30,000 Astrophysics systems deployed in more than 150 countries, protecting vital sectors of trade, travel, and national security. Astrophysics maintains a team of over 1,000 Field Service Engineers. Our extensive global network allows us to utilize expertise from our regional partners to deliver creative solutions and provide on-site support to every system in the field. 

Market Sectors

Astrophysics builds solutions for a wide range of market sectors, including the military, aviation, and ports and borders. We are the number one manufacturer in critical infrastructure, assets whose damage or destruction would endanger public safety, national security, and global commerce. As the first line of defense, our products allows authorities to intercept threats before they endanger the lives of civilians and personnel.