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Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC

Corporate Structure: Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC is an Independently owned Small Business in NAICS 325920, Explosives Manufacturing and is a nontraditional contractor under the DOTC Other Transactional Agreement.  Number of Employees: 75. President: John Sonday. Location: 5891 Highway 230 West, McEwen, TN 37101.  Telephone: (931) 729-4207. Web site: www.aesys.biz


Founded in 1980, Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC (AES) is dedicated to the development, manufacture, handling and storage of a wide range of energetic products for the military, aerospace and commercial markets. Through acquisitions, R&D expenditures and capital investments, AES is continuously expanding its product portfolio and capabilities to better serve the requirements of the end user.

The AES facility consists of 1,200 acres in Bucksnort, TN, fifty miles west of Nashville. The production facility consists of five purpose built production buildings and a quality lab for product evaluation and analysis. All manufacturing facilities are environmentally controlled.

Markets and Customers Served

  • All branches of US DoD
  • Foreign Military and Police customers
  • Commercial Aerospace Launch Providers
  • Oil & Gas Exploration Customers
  • Mining & Blasting Customers
  • Avalanche Control Customers
  • Commercial Demolition Customers


AES maintains an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System addressing all contracting, engineering, production, environmental, safety, occupational health, quality and security procedures. Our facility complies with the Security requirements of DOD 5100.76-M, Appendix 2 and the safety requirements of DOD 4145.26-M.  AES employs strict security controls including cyclone fences and keycard gate access meeting DoD 5100.76-M and other prevailing regulations.


AES provides commercial and government customers manufacturing and storage capabilities for a wide range of energetic products. Our core areas of expertise include:

  • Pelletized Explosives
  • Casting Specialty Melt Pour Explosives
  • Fabricating Energetic Devices
  • Load, Assemble, Pack (LAP)
  • Manufacturing and Processing Bulk Explosives

AES Facilities and Capacities

  • The landscape of AES’ Bucksnort facility lends itself well to processing large volumes of High Explosive compositions. AES makes use of the rolling hills and hollows as natural berms around production buildings and bunkers as an added factor of safety. AES operations include three production facilities and a dedicated quality lab/test facility. These areas include:
  • Explosives fabricating: A versatile facility that produces a multitude of engineered devices including linear shaped charges, pelletized explosives and destruct charges. Items manufactured at this facility include Pentolite Pellets for Gap Card Testing and pelletized explosives for a variety of munition applications.
  • High Explosive Powder processing and blending: This production area consists of several buildings that coat, dry, screen and blend explosive and propellant powders for both internal use and the use of external customers. Available equipment includes a Vee blender, rotap screeners, sweco screeners, planetary mixers, dryers and other handling equipment.
  • Explosives melt pour processing: This area consists of two multi-level buildings purpose built for explosive melt pour operations. Each building contains specialized equipment for controlled melting, pouring and cooling of explosive compositions. Examples of cast items include mining boosters, warheads, grenades, mortars, shaped charges and TNT cylinders. A reactor for granular explosive composition processing is also located in this area.
  • Test area: A comprehensive test facility to support all quality and inspection requirements. Capabilities include:
    • Analytical test laboratory
    • X-Ray inspection
    • Environmental test chambers
    • Indoor explosive test area for up to quarter-pound charges
    • Outdoor explosive test range for up to 35 pound charges