AAR Mobility Systems



LEGAL NAME:                                    AAR Manufacturing, Inc. – d.b.a. AAR Mobility Systems

CORPORATE STRUCTURE:             Public Company For Profit – Large Business

2012 GROSS SALES:                         AAR Corp. - Approximately $2.2B             

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES:            AAR Corp. – Approximately 7,000

PRINCIPAL OFFICER:                       CEO – David Storch

DATE FOUNDED:                              1955      

MAILING ADDRESS:                        AAR Mobility Systems - 201 Haynes Street, Cadillac, MI 49601

                                                                AAR Corp. – 1100 North Wood Dale Road, Wood Dale, IL 60191


AAR Mobility Systems is a division of AAR Corp., a multi-billion dollar global provider of aerospace, defense, and commercial aircraft after-market products and services.


David Storch, Chairman and CEO, AAR CORP.

AAR Mobility Systems designs, builds, and services mobile systems for military users and defense system OEMs including:

  • Rapid Deployment Equipment, including ISU® containers and custom and standard air-mobile shelters, large maintenance shelters, and air cargo pallets.
  • Expeditionary Systems such as ablutions, laundries, kitchens, calibration/TMDE shops, mobile power, water purification and treatment.
  • C4I System Design and Integration, including communications interoperability systems; battle information management and display; ruggedized modules; TOCs/CPs; fixed, transit case, and mobile/shelterized systems.
  • Technical and Professional Services such as training; field support services; RESET for vehicles, shelterized systems, C4I equipment, and combat service support equipment; and C4I upgrade/refresh.


AAR Mobility Systems has been providing mobility products to the U.S. Army for over 25 years, beginning with the ISU 90 4-door container in 1988.  The Army began utilizing AAR’s vehicle-mounted Shop Van Shelter in 1998 and the Light Air Mobile Shelter (LAMS) in 1999.  AAR’s rich history with the Army also includes several notable products and programs:

AAR’s M1079 Shop Van Shelter mounted on an Army LMTV

·         In 1996, AAR began providing the Army with their Container Roll-In/Out Platform (CROP), the load carrying member of the Load Handling System, and their Flatrack, the demountable load carrying platform.

·         In 2000, the Army contracted with AAR for the CK MECC Mobile Field Kitchen to provide rapidly deployable meal preparation capability in the field.  The CK MECC is towed by a medium tactical vehicle 5-ton cargo truck and is capable of supporting up to 800 soldiers in the field with three hot meals per day. 

·         In 2003, AAR secured the contract for the build-to-print M1079 Shop Van Shelter for the Army’s Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) and the M1087 Expansible Van Shelter for the Army’s Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle (FMTV) program.  These shelters provide highly mobile workspaces for logistics support, maintenance, and other essential functions in the battlefield environment.  The program quantity is for 2,400 shelters and continues today.

·         In 2004, AAR provided their 20-foot aluminum ISO shelter to store and transport the Army’s Standard Automotive Tool Set (SATS).  Each shelter contains 6,000 pounds of tools and equipment used for vehicle maintenance in motor pools around the world. Over 2,000 shelters have been fielded to date.



AAR’s 20-Foot ISO Shelter integrated for use as a Standard Automotive Tool Set (SATS)

·         In 2007, AAR modified their 20’ ISO shelter to create the Petroleum Quality Analysis System Enhanced (PQAS-E), a mobile field testing analysis and certification laboratory for the Army.  The system is specifically configured for this program to include three separate segments to the shelter, including a mechanical porch, an enclosed work area, and an enclosed storage room.  There are also extensive horizontal and vertical tracks mounted to the wall to accommodate a wide variety of integration requirements.  Shock mounts are also utilized for sensitive equipment and the shelter is EMI shielded.  Over 100 systems have been fielded to date and multiple follow-on contracts have occurred as a result.

·         In 2011, AAR secured the contract to provide the Army with the Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter (LMS), a highly mobile workspace for command and control and other mission essential functions.  This lightweight shelter is designed to be mounted on a HMMWV or other tactical vehicles.  The modular panel design allows for quick incorporation of changes in one or more panels to accommodate unique integration needs.  Optional configurations include Type I with one-door and EMI-shielded; Type III with one-door and a tunnel and EMI-shielded; and Type V with double-rear doors. 


AAR’s Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter (LMS) mounted on a HMWWV and integrated as a Contingency Response Communication Shelter (CRCS) 

AAR continues to strengthen their product offerings to assist the Army in rapidly deploying their forces and enhancing their expeditionary operations, both in the homeland and in austere environments throughout the world.  AAR persistently pursues emerging technologies in order to support the Army’s requirement for operational adaptability.  From moving mission-essential equipment inside rugged, yet lightweight ISU Containers to providing rapidly-deployable network- integrated command and control shelter systems, AAR Mobility Systems will continue to enhance the Army’s mobilization capability now, and into the future.

 AAR Mobility Systems headquarters in Cadillac, MI

AAR Mobility Systems manufacturing facility in Goldsboro, NC