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Corporate Structure – Founded: 2016 as wholly owned subsidiary of 4C Strategies. Number of Employees: 5 located in 4C North America, in total 140 globally. President 4C NA: Michael Coss, also known as “Chief”. Headquarters North America: 1010 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suite 540, Washington DC 20007. Telephone: (703) 927-4680. Web site: www.4c-na.com

Establishment of the company



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4C Strategies

4C Strategies has its roots and heritage in the military. In 2000, four soldiers with software and coding skills from their civilian lives identified a list of opportunities to improve the management of training progression and the scheduling, designing and tailoring of exercises to suit the needs of the military in order to audit, assess, strengthen and secure the military preparedness. Through the provision of detailed planning support, scheduling activities and onsite support to live, virtual and constructive exercises and simulations, they helped the military form a transparent view of readiness and risk for the Chain of Command and nations. Today, the company continues its military heritage, acknowledging the skills and insights from the Army, and by this, having an extensive force of staff with military backgrounds employed.

Exonaut™ suite of software tools combined with experienced expertise

Today 4C North America delivers ever-improving releases in the suite of software products to military, security and commercial clients. Exonaut™ is a comprehensive planning and programming, training progression, exercise management suite of tools. It is already in use in the US Navy, NATO, Australian Army, British Army and nearly 15 other foreign armies. It was also the exercise management system for the EUCOM Combined Endeavor exercise series until 2014 when the exercise series ceased. Exonaut™ plans, prepares, executes and assesses readiness with ease of use and simplicity in delivery for the company/battery/troop commanders. It will soon incorporate Objective T metrics for accurate readiness reporting using bespoke dashboards that senior Army leaders can use to improve resourcing and decision making.


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Our customized solutions leverage the best of 4C Strategies’ expertise and innovation to support clients in achieving end-to-end Readiness through the development of robust and effective Capability Development and Exercise Management, Crisis Management, Readiness Management and Risk Management capabilities.   The company’s software is developed in-house in close collaboration with all defense organizations around the world to ensure that they reflect the needs of our clients in a modern defense. As such, they demonstrate thought leadership in the readiness field.

Values, integrity and results

4C North America acts with integrity in all it does and supports tailor-made solutions for its clients.

It is a part of the company’s mission and values to contribute to an improved and more secure environment for people and organizations. This requires integrity and the company treats the information provided with the utmost professionalism and discretion. In the end, results matter.
4C North America strives to deliver tangible results that exceed its clients' expectations and to further the resolution of problem areas through incremental innovations.

The Exonaut™ software suite is commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution that provides versatile and innovative capabilities to its users. 4C North America is recognized as one of the most cost efficient and effective suppliers of interoperability training & readiness management systems and services. The Exonaut™  platform is complete with adaptive development for the US Navy using US expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Military Processes, and management of large organizations including:

  • Complete Readiness Management System
  • Complete digitized Objective T management system
  • Complete planning and execution support to Home Station Training
  • Complete planning and execution support to Combat Training Centers
  • Fully automated readiness reporting for units, beginning at the individual and company/battery/troop level

With the scalability of Exonaut™, the Armed Forces will be able to use the solution across multiple branches for effective coordination, de-conflicting and lessons-learned at all levels of command.

Record of accomplishment and compliance of 4C Strategies


Can you Track your Readiness Progression?
4C Strategies

The track record of 4C Strategies over the last 17 years in business includes major contracts with almost twenty military forces, including US Navy, NATO and British Army. Exonaut™ provides these forces a comprehensive training progression and exercise management tool that improves readiness and reduces risk. 4C Strategies has all expertise in-house, from software engineers, decorated Colonels and General Officers who retired with strategic experiences from combat and service in the US Army, Pentagon, NATO and British Army; and a US Army Lieutenant General (R) on the Board of Directors for 4C North America.

4C North America is ISO 9001 compliant and its co-founder has been in the international committee creating the ISO regulations. As a sustaining member of AUSA, 4C North America is honored to serve the US military with innovative software products and services, training and expertise.