A Soldier's Request

A Soldier's Request

Treat me with respect, Sergeant.
For no heart in all the world is more loyal than the heart of an
American soldier.
Do not beat my spirit with your words, Sergeant.
For though I will do what you demand, your guidance, patience,
And understanding will more quickly teach me to
“Be, Know, and Do.”

Speak with me often, Sergeant. For the praise and counseling you
give is expected.
I am an American Soldier, expecting to be trained. Discipline must be
a part of my life.
Train me for the elements, Sergeant.
For I must learn to fight and win in the cold, the wet, and the desert.
Those who would be enemies will use these elements.
I must be prepared.

I ask no greater glory, Sergeant, than to defend our country and our way of life,
against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Allow me that privilege, Sergeant…..train me.
Provide me the necessities of food and drink, Sergeant.
Train me to be self sufficient, that I may lead the way, and stand ready, willing and able
to protect you, with my life if necessary, should your life be in danger.

Train me, Sergeant, that one day I too can be called Sergeant,
Trainer of soldiers,
Backbone of the Army. Train me to accept those responsibilities that are yours.
Train me to train my soldiers to be the greatest defenders of freedom in the world.
Sergeant, train me to be a Sergeant.
I shall leave this Army knowing, with my last step and my last breath, that my fate was always safest in your hands
Sergeant, train me
That I too can earn the title “Sergeant".

Frank M. McMahon
Sergeant Major