Second Division Prayer

Second Division Prayer

Almighty God, father of every human soul, we pause to acknowledge that there is a Higher Power, and before whom we bow in gratitude and praise for the countless blessings which we enjoy, and for the knowledge that this world is not chaos and chance – but orderly and dependable.

We wish to offer thanks and gratitude for this, our Association; for the high ideals by which and through which it was created.

May our officers be granted Thy Blessings and guidance in promoting those actions which shall be a blessing to all mankind.

May we as members feel that we, too, are called to use our powers to aid and assist these worthy causes and that our daily lives may be an inspiration to others to give their best so that our beloved country shall continue to be a power for peace.

It is with gratitude that we remember those who have made our country and fashioned it to be a land of liberty and justice: May we always remember those men and women, and our comrades, who have in the name of patriotism, offered their blood that this liberty and justice should not perish from the earth.

Divinely guide us this day and in the days to come that we may be worthy of all the sacrifices that have been made for us.