Sample Resolution

Sample Resolution

Sample Submission 

ISSUE: Soldiers, Families, and Army Civilians

SUB-ISSUE: Supporting Soldiers and Families

SUBJECT: Soldier Housing

Submitted by: xxxxxxx Chapter

Quality of life becomes ever more important as a readiness issue as world-wide deployment requirements and daily operational tempos continue to increase. Army support programs contribute to recruiting and retention of the best soldiers, to their professionalism and willingness to sacrifice, and to organizational success. Caring for soldiers and their families is an Army tradition and the responsibility of leaders at all levels up to the Commander-in-Chief. Adequate housing is essential. The Congressionally mandated Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1991 impacted a number of posts which consolidated larger populations of soldiers and their families at a single location. Barracks are in many cases insufficient and inadequate. We do not have enough family housing to meet current needs. Infrastructure, e.g., water, gas, sewer, and electrical transmission lines, at these Army posts is old and must be steadily replaced. Deferring replacement will endanger soldiers and their families. 


  • Increase Military Construction funding to upgrade all permanent party barracks to the top 1 plus 1 standard by 2008
  • Provide sufficient funding in successive budgets to support a realistic program of family quarters construction at Army installations world-wide
  • Fund real property maintenance accounts to assure upkeep of housing infrastructure
  • Continue efforts to zero the Basic allowance for Housing differential
  • Assure reauthorization and extension of the family housing privatization program