Connecting North Alabama: AUSA Redstone-Huntsville

Connecting North Alabama: AUSA Redstone-Huntsville

AUSA Redstone-Huntsville

It is no secret North Alabama has a strong military presence and history.

That is why organizations like the Association of the United States Army continue to attract members. 

"I've been a life member for as long as I can remember, a long time," Army Veteran Matt Mingus said.

For 30 years, Mingus has served our country. He has also been a member of AUSA. 

"I've been stationed everywhere from Germany to Alaska and I can't say I've had a bad assignment," Mingus said. 

He now serves in a different capacity, as a board member for the Redstone-Huntsville Chapter. 

"I retired a few years ago and saw this as an opportunity to connect and be part organization, supporting our veterans, our families, active duty alike and department of army civilians," Mingus said. 

The chapter has been around for more than 60 years. President Rhonda Sutton said it is continuing to grow. Those members are from Birmingham, Huntsville, and even parts of Tennessee. 

"We have a very active chapter, we have over 8,000 members, individual members, and then we have 265 companies that are members of our chapters on a corporate level or a community partnership type of relationship," Sutton said.

Like many organizations, community outreach was limited during the pandemic. Many events were cancelled or downsized the last year and a half.

However, Mingus said they did what they could to help members through COVID-19, including those at Tut Fann State Veterans home. 

"Last year Tut Fann needed a way to connect during COVID with families," Mingus said.  The veterans home was closed to visitors, so AUSA provided tablets and paid for cell phone service. 

"Things that they could use to connect with their families on Facetime or video, or all that kind of stuff," Mingus said.

He said that is just one example of how this organization continues to give back.

"Anyway we support that's what we do," Mingus said. 

Even if you are not a member of AUSA, you can still support the non-profit by attending events. AUSA, along with USA Patriots will be hosting a softball game and tribute night at Toyota Field on Sept. 11 in remembrance of the 20th anniversary of 9/11. 

The USA Patriots will play against a team made up of local veterans and other service members on team BeArded WARRIORs.

Source: WAAY 31