AUSA Redstone Huntsville Chapter Salute Newsletter - December 2016

AUSA Redstone Huntsville Chapter Salute Newsletter - December 2016

AUSA Redstone Huntsville Chapter Salute Newsletter Cover December 2016

This Fall was very full of activities for your Redstone-Huntsville chapter as we supported Soldiers, Army Families, and Department of the Army Civilians across North Alabama. Our chapter programs are driven by the needs of our chapter membership. Many of them are the result of an identified need within our area of responsibility; all of our professional development, networking, and service opportunities have the primary purpose of Connecting America with her Army.

Our country and democracy remain strong as witnessed by the recent, local, state, and national elections. The health of your association is strong as well, but just as in our democracy, we need everyone’s support to continue our primary purpose of service as a Voice for the Army – Support for the Soldier.

During the Association’s Annual Meeting, General (Retired) Carter Ham, Association President called upon all members to achieve a membership level of 100,000 by the end of 2017. This milestone is easily achievable if each of us take the opportunity to reach out to colleagues, family
members, and interested community members. Strengthening our voice at the national level is important as we work with others to maintain the support for our Soldiers – Active, Guard, and Reserve, Retirees and Veterans, Family Members, and Department of the Army Civilians. Locally, we have initiated a “Drive for Five” membership campaign whereby we want to reach 5,000 individual members. We are half-way to this goal and we can achieve this if each chapter member recruits one additional member.

An increase in membership across the central/northern counties of Alabama and southern counties of middle Tennessee enables us to deliver local and relevant support to National Guard and Army Reserve Units, serve as influencers in support of Army Recruiting, mentor young people participating in JROTC/ROTC, support Veterans, and Connect us to our Army.

Consider joining today or gifting a membership to a family member who is a Soldier or DA Civilian. This is a great opportunity for new members and those considering a life membership to take advantage of the reduced 2016 membership rates which will increase January 1st 2017.
2016 Individual Membership Rates – better value for money

• 2 Years - $30 (after 1 Jan 2017 $40)
• 5 Years - $50 (after 1 Jan 2017 $75)
• Life Membership - $300 (after 1 Jan 2017 $400)
• 2 Years - $10 (E1-E4, JROTC/ROTC Cadets only) (no change)

A very special thanks to our volunteers. Their support is tremendous; with them we our stronger. Consider becoming an active volunteer; contact Kurt Weidenthal, our VP for Chapter Support. Ask him how you can support activities like:
• Retiree & Veterans Programs
• Army Family Programs
• Annual Meeting/Army Ten-Miler
• Young Professionals
• AUSA Global Force Symposium
• DA Civilian of the Year Recognition
• First Sergeant John Ordway Leadership Award
• JROTC School Ambassador Program

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