Redstone-Huntsville 2019-2020 Chapter Officers

Monday, June 17, 2019
Chapter Officers and Executive Board
PresidentSteve Below256-508-3601
Executive Vice PresidentRhonda Sutton256-682-4955
TreasurerRich Downs803-607-7023
SecretaryMike Roddy256-679-2062
VP Special ActivitiesMarie Arighi 256-551-2379 
VP MembershipMichael Bryce256-701-1489
VP Ways and MeansJulia Knott256-704-9681
VP Community PartnersMarc Jacobson256-842-8884
VP Salute PublicationFrench Salter256-340-2463
VP Reserve & National Guard ProgramsJohn Perry256-922-9300
VP DA Civilian ProgramsSteve Messervy256-824-6881
VP Army Recruiting Anthony Dowdell706-505-9289
VP Army Family ProgramsJim Rountree256-508-2925
VP Retiree & Veterans ProgramsBill Tillman256-783-8838
VP Soldier ProgramsChad Cuomo703-836-7990
VP Legislative ProgramsTroy Trulock256-655-1119 
VP for Non-Commissioned Officer ProgramsDave Poehlein915-307-0350
VP Chapter SupportKurt Weidenthal256-963-0129
VP Awards & RecognitionJo  Seay256-551-2334
VP Satellite/Sub-Chapter SupportSam Scruggs256-372-8216
VP Young Professionals SubchapterAndrew Norton256-289-0737
VP Digital CommunicationsNancy Kate Baugher


VP at Large ( Protocol )Bill Bigelow256-468--8194
VP at Large (Team Redstone)David Cannella256-450-7025
VP ROTC/JROTC ProgramsPeter Grant256-509-0449
VP of Chapter Activity ReportsAshley Linares256-345-9394
ChaplainJim Henderson256-830-3945
Special Advisor to the BoardBob Whiteford256-653-1100
Immediate Past PresidentSam Torrey256-682-3950
Board MemberMax Bennett256-890-2146
Board MemberKC Bertling256-541-0450
Board MemberRon Hicks254-319-6556
Board MemberSofia Bledsoe256-313-5468
Board MemberRonnie Chronister256-964-4220
Board MemberMatt Mingus334-717-0706
Board MemberLori Diaz678-804-8818
Board MemberMike Izzo256-652-0592
Board MemberBob Johnson256-425-1403
Board MemberJames Lackey301-481-2141
Board MemberBeverly Lowe256-427-6807
Board MemberJay Macklin256-327-5311
Board MemberBill Marks256-690-5335
Board MemberJim Rogers256-217-6720
Board MemberNeva Rogers 256-679-0945
Board MemberAndy Gignilliat931-206-3557
Board MemberPat Sullivan 256-799-0213
Board MemberMark Terseck256-975-1395
Board MemberScott Thompson256-937-5528
Board MemberMike Tice256-851-8959
Board MemberTerry Tipton256-571-1568
Board MemberJoey Yearta256-679-0941
Board MemberAngela Rawlings912-980-2996
Board MemberMichael Schexnayder256-684-6160
Board MemberShawn Perry 
Board MemberRobert Tremblay727-492-7671
Board MemberWillene Orr410-533-2685
President West Alabama Sub-ChapterNicolas Britto205-393-5414