AUSA Redstone-Huntsville Chapter Election (June 2022)

AUSA Redstone-Huntsville Chapter Election (June 2022)

Publication Date
Friday, June 10, 2022

Dear Redstone-Huntsville Chapter Members,

Your Chapter Nominating Committee has requested AUSA National’s support with conducting your Chapter’s election.  The Nominating Committee has followed your Chapter bylaws and based on your responses, they have forwarded this ballot to us for this year’s election. 

The Redstone-Huntsville Chapter Nominating Committee for 2022 present the following 8 individuals to fill the 8 current openings on the board of directors:

  1. Nicola Buxman
  2. Patrick Burden
  3. Samuel Glover
  4. Mark Jones
  5. Lisa Montgomery
  6. Thom Patrick
  7. Robert Sanchez
  8. Chad Ward

Please submit your vote by clicking on this link and complete your ballot.  Voting opens at the time this message was sent and it will close on Thursday, June 16th, at 12:00 PM Central Time.   

The term of office for someone serving on the Board of Directors begins on July 1, 2022 and an elected member would serve in accordance with the chapter’s by-laws.