U.S. Army Europe and 7th Army: A Model of Strategic Flexibility

June 23, 2008

U.S. Army Europe and 7th Army (USAREUR/7A) is faced with a plethora of changes and new challenges as it enters its 66th year of service to the United States. As it acquires a new commanding general and continues to establish an expeditionary stance, USAREUR continues the transformational process that has been in effect, formally and informally, since its inception. As the Army service component command (ASCC) of U.S. European Command (USEUCOM), USAREUR continues to redefine its mission and purpose within the U.S. military structure.

As the command prepares for its future merger with V Corps, continues its global rebasing and restationing efforts and provides vital support to various ongoing missions in the war on terrorism, the relevance and importance of USAREUR within the context of its current phase of transformation is an issue that should be examined. While its missions have changed since World War II and the Cold War, USAREUR faces new challenges—the global war on terrorism and campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other regional challenges in the European theater—that ensure its position as a vital and necessary element of U.S. defense.