Unified and Joint Land Operations: Doctrine for Landpower

May 24, 2016

As the United States Army looks to the future, it has revaluated its doctrine for the employment of landpower and completed its new series of 15 Army Doctrinal Publications (ADPs). Unified Land Operations, ADP 3-0, reflects an intellectual growth from the Army’s previous Field Manual (FM) 3-0, Operations, and its recent combat experience. It describes how Army forces operate as part of a larger national effort characterized as “unified action.” Army forces conduct decisive and sustainable land operations through the simultaneous combination of offensive, defensive and stability operations (or defense support of civil authorities) appropriate to the mission and environment. Army forces do not operate independently but as part of a larger joint, interagency and frequently multinational effort.2 Based on Department of Defense strategic guidance, the Army has a distinct role in 10 of 11 specified missions across the range of military operations.3 In addition, as indicated above, the Army is prepared to provide its corps and division headquarters for duty as joint task force (JTF) or joint force land component commands (JFLCC).

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