Space Support Elements: Embedded Space Expertise in Army Modular Forces

November 6, 2005

The Armyís Future Force, serving as part of the Joint Force, will be adaptable and lethal, leveraging the extraordinary capabilities of space. Army Modular Forces will routinely exploit the overhead constellations of national, commercial and military space and near-space platforms. They will rely on knowledge-based networks that are vertically and horizontally integrated from strategic to tactical levels. Warfighters will have access to near real-time actionable intelligence, terrestrial and space-based sensors, focused surveillance, wideband satellite communications, missile early warning, weather/terrain/environmental monitoring, and space control capabilities. To a great degree, spacebased systems will deliver these capabilities.

One of the steps to ìoperationalize spaceî into the Future Force, as part of the Armyís Current to Future Force strategy, is establishment of an organic Space Support Element (SSE) in each of the Army Modular Forces headquarters. Notably, this action furthers the Armyís integration of space capabilities and operations into planning, exercises, training and all phases of combat operations. The SSE, as part of a joint theater space architecture, will become the focal point for maximizing space-related capabilities to operate as part of the full-spectrum Joint and Interagency Team.