Space and Missile Defense Challenges: Space Capabilities—An Integral Part of Land Force Operations

November 6, 2000

Space enhances all aspects of military operations. The conduct of military operations is no longer limited to the traditional dimensions of land, sea and air. The Army views space, the new high ground for military operations, as a vertical extension of the battlefield and an integral part of the battlespace. Space capabilities are key force multipliers for land force operations. As such, the Army leverages the force enhancement capabilities of space in communications; position, navigation and timing; weather, terrain and environmental monitoring; missile warning; and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

The integration of these space-enabled enhancements into military operations creates the ability to achieve the information superiority and full battlespace awareness necessary for full-spectrum dominance. Operationalizing space capabilities, protecting space assets and denying adversaries the ability to leverage space to their advantage are critical to our national security, the global economy and the Army’s ability to conduct full-spectrum operations