Soldier for Life

May 24, 2016

Today’s all-volunteer Army, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, is the most experienced, best trained and highest quality force in the world. Steadfast for more than 12 continuous years at war, the total Army (active, Army National Guard, Army Reserve) has repeatedly answered the nation’s call to duty, both at home and abroad. America’s sons and daughters, inspired by patriotism and opportunity, choose to volunteer to be part of something bigger than themselves.

The American Soldier is the centerpiece of the premier all-volunteer Army. Identified as the most respected profession in the country,2 military service is characterized by commitment, selfless service and sacrifice. Ultimately, at the end of an enlistment or a long career, Soldiers transition out of the service and become military veterans within America’s communities. Military veterans are respected leaders and experts in their field whose common traits often include self-confidence, loyalty, discipline and determination to get the job done.

The Army’s senior leaders have made the premier all-volunteer Army a top strategic priority. To preserve the all-volunteer Army means continually recruiting and retaining the best talent. The quality of the Army is underpinned by the faith and trust of the Soldiers who volunteer to serve and veterans who have served, all of whom have an expectation that they will have opportunities after their service. The Army is dedicated to assisting Soldiers as they transition out of military service to return to civilian occupations. Soldier for Life (SFL) is the Army’s program to earn that trust by providing resources and opportunities for Soldiers, veterans and families who are in transition.