Establishing Strategic Vectors: Charting a Path for Army Transformation

April 8, 2007

In August 2003, the Army’s senior leadership identified 16 areas for immediate focus; four more were identified over the next two years. The Focus Areas set in motion critical processes required to transform the Army while waging war.

The Focus Areas have produced a great deal of positive change—and started numerous initiatives, now ongoing, that will take many years to fully realize.2 The Focus Areas were guided by a simple goal: to enable the Army to develop capabilities over time, to prepare it to pass through periods of uncertainty, and to remain relevant (in terms of its design and orientation) and ready (in terms of its ability to field well led, fully trained and properly equipped units) to meet the needs of the nation indefinitely. (See figure 1 on page 2.)

This assessment of the Focus Areas centers on four key questions:

• What was the original intent of the Focus Areas?

• With respect to this intent, what progress has occurred and what remains to be accomplished?

• What can the Army learn from this experience to inform its continuing efforts to drive change?

• What should the Army be thinking about as it moves forward?