Comanche—“Eyes and Guide” for the Joint Force

January 6, 2003

The Department of Defense has made a crucial decision to include Comanche in the Objective Force. The Army will integrate Comanche aircraft into its base unit— the Unit of Action (UA)—and into Unit of Employment (UE) organizations.

This decision is in keeping with the long-standing practice of recognizing how new technology can transform the way U.S. forces operate and accomplish National Military Objectives. Leaders throughout the long proud history of the U.S. military have made similar decisions to take advantage of available technology. The machine gun had a major impact on how wars were fought, just as the tank did in World War II. Vietnam saw the evolution to helicopters and air assaults, and Operation Desert Storm again proved the value of armored forces working in concert with artillery and air power. Afghanistan has shown how information operations, special operations forces, precision air strikes and infantry can defeat an unconventional threat. Comanche and Future Combat Systems continue this proven approach.