Capability Portfolio Reviews

September 15, 2010

During the past decade the United States military has maintained global influence, retained military superiority and sustained strategic endurance. Continued success in these areas demands that the Army balance the requirements for the contemporary conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq with the need to transform and build readiness for the future. Although the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq are distinct, they share indicators about the changing character of 21st century warfare. Current trends suggest that the future security environment will feature conflicts of similar intensity, but history teaches to approach such confident predictions with wariness.

With that in mind, the Army is engaged in a fullspectrum approach that includes prevailing in current conflicts, building partner-nation capacity, supporting civil authorities at home and deterring hybrid threats and state actors, all while remaining postured to address evolving requirements.

In keeping with the Army goal of fielding an effective, modern, flexible and affordable force, the Secretary of the Army has implemented a Capability Portfolio Review (CPR) process for a one-year period. The CPR goals are threefold: to revalidate Army-wide system requirements across all components; to align resources with warfighting and Soldier priorities; and to institutionalize resource and acquisitions along capabilities-based planning processes to provide flexibility for the future.