Army Total Force Policy: Fully Integrating the Operational Reserve

December 5, 2012

For more than a decade, overseas contingency operations required significant numbers of Soldiers and the rapid acquisition and deployment of new equipment. To meet the demands of a high operational tempo, the Army committed reserve component (RC) Soldiers to the fight—where they performed superbly—in numbers not seen since World War II. Just as their role required, RC units were manned, equipped and trained deliberately to augment operational endstrength in support of major named conflicts and deployed seamlessly alongside their active component (AC) counterparts.

The Army Total Force Policy, signed by Secretary of the Army John McHugh in September 2012, is a significant step in the evolution of the all-volunteer force. The policy lends greater official and institutional permanence to what Soldiers and commanders on the ground have already been doing—fighting as one operational force and providing predictable, recurring and sustainable capabilities.