Army Reserve Bridge to Transformation: Federal Reserve Restructuring Initiative

September 6, 2003

More than ever in its 95-year history, the Army Reserve contribution to national security has evolved into full partnership with the Army and the Joint Force that is prosecuting the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). The recent congressional endorsement of the Army's plan to extend Army Reserve rotations to match the active Army in Iraq demonstrates that the Army Reserve is no longer just a ìforce in reserve.

The pace will not slow down. Lieutenant General James R. Helmly, Chief, Army Reserve, recognizes that the Army Reserve, a reserve component in the federal force, must change to maintain relevance. According to General Helmly, Our structure today, our units and organizations, are out of balance with the reality of the Global War on Terrorism. We structured the entire Army to fight two nearly simultaneous major theater wars. Suddenly, on 11 September 2001, the world changed and it changed dramatically forever. We were thrust into a deadly, unforgiving war for the security of our rights and freedoms in the future.