Army Emergency Relief Guidance

Army Emergency Relief Guidance

As the government furlough continues, many agencies are announcing assistance to eligible employees. We want to share with you Army Emergency Relief guidance for financial assistance for members of the Reserve Component of the Army who are also Federal Employees and Gray Area Retired Soldiers who are also Federal Employees.

The AER POC is SGM® William Hagzan, email:, phone: 703-601-2771.

Below is Headquarters, Army Emergency Relief (AER) guidance for financial assistance during the Government Shutdown for Furloughed Employees from the following agencies: Department of State, Department of the Treasury, Department of Justice, Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, Department of the Interior , Department of Health and Human Services (select departments), Executive office of the President, Other select Independent Agencies (i.e. GSA, CIA, etc.).

  1. Eligible Retired Army personnel (blue ID Card holder) may be provided financial assistance during the furlough for basic living expenses as a result of non-receipt of pay. Requests are processed through normal channels.
  2. The individuals listed below who have been impacted by the Government Shutdown are eligible for AER Assistance as an Exception to Policy and require Level 3 (HQ AER) approval:
    1. Current Members of the Reserve Component of the Army (National Guard and Army Reserve) who are also Federal Employees that have been placed on furlough.
    2. Gray Area Retired Soldiers (National Guard and Army Reserve) (pink ID Card) who are also Federal Employees that have been placed on furlough.
  3. Assistance may be provided up to $600 to meet basic living expenses.
  4. All assistance will be as an interest-free loan.
  5. AER Form 501 (Supplementary Promissory Note) with document validating bank account and routing number must be completed for individuals in paragraph 1 who do not have allotable income AND ALL INDIVIDUALS LISTED IN PARAGRAPH 2.
  6. Loan repayment will begin 1 March 2019 for 10 months at $60 per month. Shorter repayments are acceptable if individual so wishes.
  7. Documents Required:
    1. ID Card
    2. Copy of furloughed notification
    3. Copy of LES (current members of reserve component)
  8. AER Sections:
    1. Use Stat A Code: Government Shutdown, 2019
    2. Enter categories as appropriate (i.e. food, electric, fuel).
    3. Check the “exception to policy” block and “ineligible” under the reason. This will force the case to level 3.
    4. Select “fast track – level 2 bypass” for level 2. Level 2 consideration is not required for these requests.
  9. Military Aid Societies (AFAS/NMCRS/CGMA) and the American Red Cross: Forward all assistance requests as a result of the furlough to HQ AER for consideration and decision.
  10. Should the shutdown continue, additional assistance can be considered for each pay period.

If you require additional guidance or have specific questions as it relates to providing assistance during the furlough please contact HQ AER at 1-866-878-6378.