Profile of the United States Army (2022)

Profile of the United States Army (2022)

Profile of the United States Army 2022 cover
September 01, 2022

Since its founding by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia on 14 June 1775, America’s Army has been an integral part of our nation. Formed from the volunteer militias that were the predecessors of today’s National Guard, the Army has served the nation continuously through war and peace, through hard times and prosperity, at home and abroad. Quite simply, the history of the Army is wholly intertwined with the history of our country.

Profile of the United States Army is published by the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) as a user-friendly guide. It describes the structure and priorities of today’s Army, serving as a reference book for people familiar with America’s Army and an introduction for family members, civilian employees, contractors and future Soldiers.

This edition of Profile includes a focus drawn from the principles set out in President Biden’s Interim National Strategic Guidance and the latest Army Posture Statement. It provides an updated and comprehensive summary of Army operations, commitments and activities around the world, contains information and graphics on Soldiers and their uniforms—including the new Army Green Service Uniform—and describes the mission and ongoing activities of each of the Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands and Direct Reporting Units. It also features maps illustrating locations of current Army commands, corps and divisions, Army National Guard divisions and Army Reserve divisions and functional commands. In response to our readers’ requests, this edition brings back the glossary of military acronyms, found on p. 109. 

AUSA fully supports the Total Army—Regular Army, Army National Guard, Army Reserve and Army civilians. We advocate for and offer educational programs that support Army veterans and retirees and the families and communities who stand behind them. Profile of the United States Army is an integral part of this support. We hope you find this to be a useful reference, and we welcome comments and suggestions on how to make future editions as useful and informative as possible. Please direct any feedback to

In publishing this Profile, AUSA seeks to provide a greater understanding and appreciation of the people, families, institutions and organizations who strive to maintain the world’s greatest army.

2022 Profile of the United States Army

Chapter 1: National Defense
Chapter 2: The Land Component
Chapter 3: Army Organization
Chapter 4: The Soldier
Chapter 5: The Uniform
Chapter 6: The Army on Point
Chapter 7: Army Families
Chapter 8: Army Commands
Chapter 9: Army Service Component Commands
Chapter 10: Direct Reporting Units

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  Chapter 1: National Defense