Tina Wright

Tina Wright

Tina Wright was born in Oklahoma and raised in a military family. She entered a long line of military servants; her grandfather was a World War II Veteran, and her father was an infantry commander in Vietnam. She was exposed to the hardships and opportunities of military life at an early age and learned the importance of Family, relationships, and the power of resilience. 

In 1986, she married a young Solider that she had known since middle school and they set off to start their own Army Family at their first duty station, Ft Myer, VA. Being newlyweds and moving to the Washington DC area provided wonderful experiences and some distinct challenges for a young couple from Oklahoma. Upon completing that assignment, the two moved to Ft Bragg NC, to join the 82nd ABN Division and then on to serve in several Special Forces Units. During her 33 years as an Army wife, Tina volunteered for and later served in leadership roles in various Family Readiness Groups (FRGs). She has seen the value of being a member of a close-knit Family Support Group at the company and battalion levels and used that experience to guide her through leadership roles at the brigade and General Officer/Flag Officer levels. She has had the good fortune to serve as a senior spouse at two Joint Commands, gaining unique experiences from other Services of the Department of Defense. 

For more than 3 decades as an Army spouse, she supported her husband through several deployments. After 9-11, the deployments became a normal cycle for most of their marriage. Early on, she gave birth to and raised a set of twins (boy and girl) that helped fill her days away from her husband. Tina worked as a teacher’s assistant when the children attended kindergarten through high school allowing her the hours to be there for her children. To stay involved in her children’s sporting endeavors, she became a certified judge for swimming competitions, volunteered as a timer for track events and ran the scoreboard for soccer, basketball, and baseball events so she could always be part of their lives. 

For leadership roles supporting Families, Tina has been awarded the Army’s Outstanding Civilian Service Medal (w/OLC) and the Joint Outstanding Service Medal.  

Tina has supported her spouse through 33 years of active-duty service, and they are finally enjoying the virtues of retirement life. Their two children are grown, graduated from college, and have continued the legacy of military service. Their son is a commander in the infantry and he and his wife have blessed them with their first grandchild. Their daughter is a NC teacher also married to a Solider at Ft. Bragg, NC.